AppsLab Interviewed by The Feature

Marian Crkon writes The Feature, an E-Business Suite focused blog that also sometimes features the written styling of our pal, Floyd. You can find The Feature at the always entertaining URL,, which alludes to its authors backgrounds as consultants.


Coincidentally, another guest writer for The Feature is Nancy Chung, who wrote a piece on XML Publisher. Nancy worked for me at Oracle in Development a few years ago. Nancy worked for Tim “BIP” Dexter as well, which closes the loop on why she would know XML Publisher.

Just goes to show that the world is getting smaller every day.

Anyway, Marian conducted an interview with Paul and me over Google group chat yesterday. This was my first instant messenger interview, which was cool, and actually, it was a pretty smooth way to handle an interview because the chat log becomes instant transcript. No fuss, no mess.

Check out the interview here. The Feature is an interesting read. It covers a wide range of EBS content from detailed EBS functionality topics, to thoughts on product direction and interviews with Apps people like us.




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