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January 3rd, 2009 4 Comments

MixSo, a couple days ago, Tim started The Oracle Mix Blog, which will be the official home for all things related to Mix.

That’s not to say we won’t talk about Mix here, but if you want to hear news from the source or want to get the attention of those guys, that will be the place.

In case you’ve been busy doing other things, here’s what you’ve missed:

So, if you’re interested in following Mix, subscribe to its official blog, or if you read, you’ll see it’s already aggregated there. If you use Twitter, you can follow @oraclemix there; you probably already follow the guys who’ll be pulling the strings now, Tim and Marius (and possibly Karri). I’m interested to read their thoughts and have high hopes for their blogging exploits.

I don’t think you’ve seen that last of our influence on Mix, though. Since Connect has a very similar codebase, you’ll probably see features commingle between the two as we work on different paths.

Anyway, sound off with your thoughts on all this in the comments here or over at the Mix blog.

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4 Responses to “The Oracle Mix Blog”

  1. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the plug! You guys have done an excellent job communicating the story of Mix over the last year. We'll try our best to follow in those footsteps.

    Happy New Year, and looking forward to working on the next iterations of Mix together!

  2. Jake Says:

    Like I said, I'm interested to see how the official Mix blog goes and what type of personality it develops.

  3. larry Says:

    I am in ERP industry from last 8 years and found lot of new technologies and enhancements. Now a days latest is Oracle fusion and SAP modules. One more point, I felt from Customer view, is about vendor selection. I read lot of articles on internet and got lot about different parameters that company uses.

    As Blogs industry is growing, I really that being integrated with ERP softwares and that will make all users interactive, while using application. In case you are interested to see major differences between Oracle or SAP then read the article on website. I am not sure who is maintaining this site but looks like more PeopleSoft training covered on it.

  4. Jake Says:

    This blog is the home of Oracle AppsLab. We cover PeopleSoft sometimes because Paul and Rich are ex-PeopleSoft guys.

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