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Photo by good friend Eddie Awad from Flickr used under Creative Commons

A couple items of note heading into OpenWorld.

Current students can get into JavaOne and Oracle Develop for free.  There are a few qualifications:

You must be enrolled in an accredited nonprofit institutions of learning during the Fall semester/quarter of 2010, taking a minimum of six (6) units, and you must be at least 18 years old.

The free pass gets you:

Admission to any session in the Java Frontier track for students, JavaOne, Oracle Develop and OpenWorld keynotes, three Exhibition Halls and the Mason street tent (more info below). Space permitting, you can also attend any JavaOne and Oracle Develop technical sessions, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs), and Hands-on-Lab (HOL) sessions.

Also noteworthy, the location of the OTN Lounge is moving from its place in Moscone West in previous years to the Mason Street tent. Yes, that’s inside the huge tent built *on the street* between Moscone South and Moscone North. Check the photo if you haven’t see it in prior years.

This is likely to be relevant for other reasons (free swag, and ahem, refreshments), but in years past, our little team has hunkered down in the OTN Lounge and used it as a base of operations.

I don’t expect this to change in 2010. So, if you’re looking for us during business hours and it’s not Tuesday the 22nd at 5 PM, a good bet would be to try the OTN Lounge. Or, if you just so happen to be there already, look for us and come say hello.

See you in San Francisco.




  1. Hi there –

    Just wanted to clarify – there are 2 tents at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne this year. One is the tent you show the photo of above, and the other is the Mason Street Tent – Which is the portion of Mason Street adjacent to the San Francisco Hilton, the Parc 55 and the Nikko (the Zone – where JavaOne and Oracle Develop are located).

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


  2. Hey… For some reason strange things are hapenning with your site layout. The borders of the text are overlapping. I didn’t do this Monday. I don’t know if it’s my end or if you’ve made a change… Just thought you might want to look at it. Thanks! Clyde Swatt

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