Google URL Shortener Gets a Website

This is pretty neat.

Social Web Blog: Google URL Shortener Gets a Website

When Google announced its link shortening service in December, it was only available for Google Toolbar and Feedburner users.

If you follow us on Twitter (@theappslab), you’ll know we’ve been using the Feedburner implementation of since then.

Now is available to anyone on its own site, and the service provides basic metrics, which is pretty sweet if, like us, you’ve been shortening links with Feedburner.

Yeah, I know other shorteners do this, but Google’s is dead easy, especially if you already have a Google account, which I’m guessing you do.

You can also use with a Chrome extension, which isn’t new, but certainly is more valuable with the new analytics. short links are actually quite useful when combined with Twitter (and I suppose, Facebook too), e.g. tweet with a link and get a real-time of the clicks it generates.

I wonder how long other shorteners will try to add value to their offerings.



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