Hipster Lorem Ipsum

This is hilarious, and not just because several words relate to Portland.

Hipster lorem ipsum

The next time you need some dummy text for a mockup or prototype, why not spice up that lorem ipsum with some hipster ipsum?

It’s been pummeled a bit by traffic, but here’s what it looks like:

And here’s a sample:

PBR leggings Austin cardigan. Portland Pitchfork Brooklyn Shoreditch, Four Loko single-origin coffee next level shit brunch keffiyeh VHS fanny pack retro you probably haven’t heard of them sustainable. Stumptown art party Readymade blog fap Echo Park, Carles Helvetica mixtape Marfa scenester. You probably haven’t heard of them hoodie Echo Park, quinoa tattooed mustache McSweeney’s Vice homo fanny pack locavore Portland yr art party. VHS aesthetic Four Loko quinoa, cliche cardigan homo. Single-origin coffee retro salvia keytar dreamcatcher fanny pack. Chambray artisan squid, vinyl Williamsburg organic food truck Tumblr yr Thundercats vegan McSweeney’s Marfa mustache put a bird on it.

“Do you need some text for your website or whatever? *sigh* Okay…”




  1. Love it. This could introduce a lot of fun into normally staid UX and information development design activities. Time we attracted a younger and more hip crowd too!

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