Change and Inattentional Blindness, I Love This Stuff

I don’t recall how I discovered You Are Not So Smart, but it’s definitely worth reading.

Today’s posts were about inattentional blindness and change blindness. I’m tempted to include the visual material here, but then you wouldn’t click through and the link love might be lost and my admiration of the blog would be useless.

Click though and take the challenges, especially if you think you’ll pass with flying colors. I’ll wait.

Tougher than you thought right, or did you ace them?

I like to be challenged, and I also have an affinity for psychology. Aside from personal growth, understand how the mind works leads to building better products. If nothing else, it helps create empathy, a critical design value.

Find the comments.




  1. I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying some blog-free time. I have a ton of reading to catch up on, so hopefully next week, I’ll get off the snide.

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