Another Cool Design Tool, UXPin

UXPin (h/t TechCrunch) eases the pain of converting paper prototypes into digital wireframes by making the process as simple as taking and emailing a photo.

OK, there are some caveats. First, you’ll need to use their paper prototype notebooks, which look to be very nice. They have web app and an iPhone app notebooks. Then, just take a picture and mail it to the UXPin App, and your prototype is converted into a live wireframe that allows for changes and live collaboration.

Pretty sweet actually.

The big question is whether this will fit into existing design workflows. After all, if you paper prototype, you’re probably really good at digitally transforming; on the other hand, if you don’t, this might be a good way to get the tactile benefits without the annoying transfer problems.

Aside from being a cool idea, backed by neat technology, UXPin’s main purpose looks to be saving time.


Update: Marcin, the CEO of UXPin pointed out another demo video in comments, if you’re interested. They also seem to have an Android app notebook too, which I didn’t mention in the original post. It appears in the second demo video, but I don’t see it for sale on their website. 




  1. Hi! Marcin here from UXPin. Many thanks for mentioning us! You’re absolutely right – we’re in ‘saving time business’. The thing is, UXPin notepads let you quickly design on paper (and redesign your ideas all over again without redrawing everything) and than move prototype automatically to the App. It’s one flow. 

    You can have a look guys on the other demo:

    Soon we’ll shoot something with notepads.


  2. Definitely an interesting idea and implementation. I’m interested to see how you handle non-standard elements like branding, etc. and what export capabilities (e.g. to XCode) you have.

    Also the video you shared shows an Android notebook, but I don’t see that for sale on your site.

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