Filler or Curated Content?

I consider these types of posts to be filler, but I suppose you could look at it as curated content or something highbrow like that. Take your pick.

10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed

I scanned this post first, thought it would be interesting and left it to read later. Then I read it, and now, I’m terrified. Here’s the list, make sure to hit the link and read all about the sci-fi horrors that aren’t really sci-fi anymore.

  • Weaponized Nanotechnology
  • Conscious Machines
  • Artificial Superintelligence
  • Time Travel
  • Mind Reading Devices
  • Brain Hacking Devices
  • Autonomous Robots Designed to Kill Humans
  • Weaponized Pathogens
  • Virtual Prisons and Punishment
  • Hell Engineering

xkcd on watches

This is exactly how I feel about watches.

This is Phil Fish

I only know who Phil Fish is because I watched Indie Game: The Movie. This short documentary by Ian Danskin is quite good and is newsworthy this week thanks to Marcus Persson’s reference to it in his post about why he’s leaving Mojang (h/t Laurie for sharing), the makers of Minecraft, after Microsoft completes its acquisition of the company.

I have often wondered why so many people hate Nickelback, and now I have a much better understanding of why, thanks to Ian. Embedded here for your viewing pleasure.




  1. I liked Indie Games the movie a lot. I enjoyed this is phil fish a lot because I find internet fame fascinating, I know you and I have talked about fame in the Oracle blogging micro niche.

    I am dragged into the minecraft world by my 9 year old son and I can totally understand where notch is coming from and my thought is ‘best of luck to you’ he has a right to do what he wants and does not owe the minecraft movement anything.

  2. @bex: Very nice, thanks, needed that.

    @Ultan: U2 is the new Nickelback, love that.

    @David: Yup, the internet giveth and taketh away. Can’t imagine facing the kind of hatred Phil Fish gets.

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