The Emotional Nature of Software

We’ve all felt the extreme frustration that using a computer can cause. Maybe you spent several hours updating a Word document, assuming it was autosaving, only to have Word collapse in a heap, erasing all your changes. Maybe your IT department has an antivirus scan scheduled to run weekly that mysteriously starts in the morning.… Read More

April Fools’ on Mix?

The Mix traffic stats from today show more than double the pageviews (8,200) and visits (1,000) we normally get. These numbers are as of an hour ago, so they will continue to climb slightly as the day comes to a close. They are the highest that I can recall since we launched at OpenWorld in… Read More

Virtual Adventures

As I teased yesterday, I’ve been mucking around with virtual machines to extend my ability to test Mix. Due to the varied nature of our users’ environments, I need to find ways to install more browsers, more versions on more operating systems. Everyone knows reproducing an issue is really the best way to begin fixing… Read More

The Future is iPhone-tastic

Lately, I’ve been bummed that the SDK announcement underwhelmed, handcuffing would-be developers with restrictions that make apps significantly less functional than expected. As a user, I want more apps that do more. And then a couple nights ago, I got a reminder of how sweet the iPhone really is. I was at Nicholas Restaurant, a… Read More

Customer Service that Works

I’ve covered this topic twice before, but it really deserves more airtime. Paul’s summary of Under the Radar on Monday received comments from two of the companies he mentioned, from the CEOs of those companies. You read that right. Similarly, my most recent post on FriendFeed got a comment from one of the founders. This… Read More

Musings on UTR 2008

Every year I attend the Under The Radar conference held at the Microsoft Silicon Valley location. The organization is flawless, the companies interesting, and the facilities are wonderful. If you don’t know, UTR is a showcase for start-ups that are not (yet) in the limelight. In fact, this is where many launch to the world.… Read More

Spring Conferences

We’ve been pretty busy with conferences lately, and that looks to continue into the Summer. Paul attended Under the Radar The Business of Web Apps: Where the Web Goes to Work last week, and I think he’s working on a post summarizing his thoughts. Rich spoke at the JRuby Meetup a few weeks ago, and… Read More

Does Spam Irritate You?

Mix is reaching more people now, especially through groups. This is great because we always thought groups would be the best way to draw people into the network and conversation. Implied levels of trust within a group make it easier to engage and provide value to people who ordinarily have no use for social networks… Read More

We Are Expensive and Expendable

Rich and I were bemoaning the current state of the economy yesterday, and eventually, the conversation turned to outsourcing, not jobs, but storage, computing power, databases, applications, etc. You know, cloud computing. Remember after the Bubble burst in 2001 how people were in a tizzy, some rightfully so, about the exodus of tech jobs overseas?… Read More

FriendFeed is for Lurkers too

If you missed it, over the weekend, there was quite a testy blog war between Louis Gray and Duncan Riley, ostensibly started by FriendFeed or rather differing opinions of it. Short version: Duncan doesn’t find value, Louis disagrees, obscenities ensue. Makes for a good read. FriendFeed has been all the rage lately among the usual… Read More

More Fun with Numbers

Rich and Anthony deployed a few key fixes last week, nothing too bloggable. They were focused on securing private group activity and caching, which was causing some weird behavior. So, rather than blog those, my periodic Mix post this week is more metrics. As a follow up to my first Fun with Numbers post, I… Read More

Going around, Coming around

The ‘Lab is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary. I plan to blog something more formal closer to the date, but this post about integrating with Google Apps reminded me of why I am on the team at all. Back in late 2006, I had just moved into Jesper’s strategy organization from development, and I… Read More

JRuby Meetup!

For those of you who are live in the Bay Area (East Bay in particular), I’ll be speaking at the East Bay Ruby Meetup next Tuesday.  Here’s the talk abstract: JRuby is fast becoming a solid (and possibly preferred choice) for deploying Rails apps. Rich Manalang from Oracle will talk about how he and a… Read More

Polishing Mix Groups

Rich and Anthony deployed a boat load of fixes and enhancements to Mix on Friday night. I might have mentioned before the Mix is going to be used more by internal teams, so we addressed groups with this deployment for the most part. Some of these are bug fixes that have been needed for a… Read More

DIY Development

The WSJ Business Technology blog has a post about “Where the Next Generation of Techies Won’t Come from“. Aside from offending my grammatical sensibilities, you know, ending a sentence with a preposition, the post interests me for a couple reasons. The crux of the post refers to statistics published by the Computer Research Association that… Read More