Anthony got tagged!

Got tagged by Rich Manalang and David Haimes, better write my 8 things. Yes, it is a bit late, hope people consider late is better than never.

1. I have joined Oracle over 7 years, reaching my 8th year anniversary. Studied in UC Berkeley for my Bachelor and Stanford for my Master degree.

2. I love table-tennis, table-tennis, and… table-tennis. Started playing when I was 5, I was a school team member for my elementary school, middle school, high school, and college even since 10, non-stop. Although I got beaten up badly by a girl from the US Olympics team 2 years ago, I am still proud of my skills.

3. Solving riddles and algorithm questions is my favorite. Check out if you like some fun as well.

4. I have a brother living in Cupertino, and I got 2 nephews. They are cute and smart, and I enjoy the good times with them. Recently I taught them how to play Starcraft, and my goal is to have them better than the Korean professionals out there and get the winning prizes and plaques.

5. I decided to go back to the snow mountains and snowboard this year, and have been there for about 5 times. Started out not able to move, to leave falling, then to traversing. I can now handle greens, working on blues. My 5-year-old nephew joined the Kirkland Jet team this year. It is funny to think that while I am struggling in easy terrains, my little nephew is actually racing down the double black diamonds slopes with other Kirkwood team members. He asked me couple times to race with him, and my answer was always, “wait till you grow up”.

6. I like to travel, been in China, Thailand, Macau, 8 European countries, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. My friends somehow are more interested in going to Las Vegas these days, so I went there 2 years in a row.

7. I started using mac since last year, got a mini-mac last year and a macbook pro this year. Have both Ubuntu and Windows VMs installed, working great. Now my Windows-mobile PDA is syncing with Leopard. Not sure how Windows can compete with Mac and Linux.

8. Last but not least, joined the fun cool Oracle Appslab team last year. It is enjoyable to work in ruby and RoR. Thought they were good programming language and good framework originally, and after I doing some hands-on work, now think they are even much better than I imagined. Yukihiro and David, you guys rock!


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