First 3 Days as a Glass Explorer (Day -7)

Editor’s note: FYI, here’s another post by Anthony (@anthonyslai). If you’re interested in his Glass odyssey, make sure to read the prologue.

Day -7

My friend got the invitation to pick up her Glass.  At that time, I have not got any updates for mine yet.  All Glass Explorers can bring a guest to the Glass event, and she asked me if I wanted to tag along.  Of course that is a yes.

We got to the Google campus, and there was already a Glass product manager waiting outside the building for us.  Hopefully not a big surprise, he is wearing Glass himself.  He kindly led us into the Glass garage, where the Glass fitting is done.  They even offered champagne in the event.  It sounded like the same treatment when you are shopping for a BMW.

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It was the first time I touched Glass.  It is made of titanium, and it is as light as it gets.  There were rumors about Glass being just a phone accessory;  that is not true.  It is an Android with 4.0.4 fully capable of running everything by its own.  The Glass project manager explained everything about Glass to us patiently, and he even guided us around Google campus.  We got out after 2 hours staying there.

As an Android developer, I could not resist experimenting on it, but with care.  After all, it is not mine.  Here are couple things you can/cannot do:

1.  You can turn on debug mode.

2.  You can adb to it as user, not root

3.  You can adb push photos/videos, but they would not show up in the timeline, even though you use the correct naming convention.  Apparently, Google is storing the timeline entries in SQLite, which makes perfect sense. (I did manage to push photos/videos and show them in the timeline)

4.  You can not just plug in a mouse and keyboard into the usb port.  It would not work.


After getting a taste of Glass, I am more eager to get mine.

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