New Web, New World

In the past, I’ve blogged about Twitter exchanges I’ve had with Craig Cmehil who works over at SAP. Yesterday, he, Ethan Jewett, who is an SAP BI consultant at an SAP and Oracle partner, and I had an interesting discussion about how to drive new web innovation internally. That conversation begot my post and one… Read More

How Do You Do Enterprise 2.0?

Craig Cmehil, Ethan Jewett and I had an interesting conversation (over Twitter, natch) earlier today about demand for New Web tools like Twitter, social networking, social bookmarking inside the firewall. Twitter’s 140 character limitation sometimes leads to convolution, but I think the core question was how do you approach internal demand for these tools? From… Read More

Life in the Bullpen

After the divisional all-hands meeting last week and my post, I called out for anyone close to the Building 300 remodel to weigh in with comments. Someone answered the call, on an internal blog. His name is Puneet, and he’s a developer who sits in the bullpen on the 16th floor of 300, way at… Read More

More on Workspace Design

So, I’m sitting in our divisional all-hands meeting, virtually of course, and one of the questions is about a remodel that’s going on currently in Building 300 on the Redwood Shores campus. For those not in the know, 300 is the tallest silo with the big old “ORACLE” across the top floor. I used to… Read More

How Do You Feel about Your Workspace?

I’ve come across some interesting thoughts on productivity, creativity and physical space lately. First, there’s this bit from Lifehacker about how ceiling height affects your thinking. The central finding of the research is that higher ceilings tend to foster abstract thought, whereas lower ceilings tend to encourage detailed thinking. Pretty cool. Then today, there’s another… Read More