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March 1st, 2007 3 Comments

It has become clear that the innovation being driven in the software marketplace, largely called Web 2.0, is undeniable. It not only causes a change in how people work, but obviously in how applications are built and used. Due to this reality, Oracle has formed a team to understand and drive innovation in Web 2.0 both internally and in our products. Enjoy the ride.

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  1. The killer attitude Says:

    all. Oracle seems to have their own blogosphere. Have a look at blogs.oracle.com – a long list of blogs both by Oracle employees and others blogging aboy Oracle stuff. Appslab The blog I started to follow is the voice of Oracle Appslab. If you readthe first postfrom March this year you get a short introduction to the objectives. And quouting from oracleappslab.com: Oracle AppsLab is a think-tank developed to drive adoption of new web patterns and technologies across Oracle’s business and products. We’re

  2. The Social Enterprise » Enterprise 2.0 in Oracle Says:

    […] occhi di molti sviluppatori, l’AppsLab potrebbe somigliare molto al lavoro dei sogni: una vera e propria startup dell’innovazione […]

  3. Joyce Says:

    I found the beginning! (Haven’t read all the stuff in the middle yet)…

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