Leaving the Nest

source: majorbrighton It has been nearly four years since we formed the lab and almost as long since we started talking about it externally.  In my 9 years at PeopleSoft/Oracle, I have had the pleasure of doing some great jobs and meeting some amazing people, but nothing compares to the small team I had the… Read More

If Maslow Built Software

The moment your software team grows beyond a team of one, you need to communicate. Someone will have an idea on improving a new feature, creating a new product, etc.  Immediately the question arises of how best to share the idea.  For most people, the conversation moves immediately to tools.  Should we use a wiki,… Read More

Learning from Buzz

In life if something doesn’t work out, at least you can learn from it.  That is the power of doing.  The beauty of being a human being is that we are exceptionally good at learning from others.  As I watched Google launch Buzz, and the ensuing mess, it got me thinking.  Why did a project… Read More

Be Safe Out There Kids!

Last week my imac (home computer), that my wife uses to run our little lunchbox company begin having some serious issues.  Slow access times, constant rebooting and as of yesterday a complete inability to boot.  Just a lovely grey screen of solitude much like the image above, until it refused to even show that little… Read More

TED on Play

I am spending some cycles these days thinking on the integration of play and work. I happen to believe that there is some real magic to be had here for organizations and for firms looking to supply the next generation of software.   Sure making work a game seems a bit out there (I get that),… Read More

Learning from Entertainment

Photo Credit: Timothy Hamilton I recently watched this excellent video of Nick Fortugno at the Meaningful Play conference in 2008.  If you are into designing games with a message behind them it is worth a watch. Among other things, he highlights the basic split in entertainment between “form” and “content”.  Form being the mechanics used… Read More

Play with Purpose

Play is our natural state.  It is healthy and fun.   In that state, we are engrossed and engaged.  Time, as they say, “flies”.  As we grow up and put aside childish things, we lose this connection to our natural state and a strong division between play and work emerges.  In fact it is worse than… Read More

Defrag08 Presentation

Defrag 08: Is that Good? View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: social_networking oracle) I presented the above at Defrag 08′ in Denver yesterday.  The idea was to take some known concepts around understanding networks and apply them to how we manage a community.  This is new ground for us at the lab, but… Read More

Musings on UTR 2008

Every year I attend the Under The Radar conference held at the Microsoft Silicon Valley location. The organization is flawless, the companies interesting, and the facilities are wonderful. If you don’t know, UTR is a showcase for start-ups that are not (yet) in the limelight. In fact, this is where many launch to the world.… Read More

Is Your Job Next?

I am not sure why the power (or danger) of the global economy never really hit me before, but I was checking out elance.com as it was mentioned in a recent book I read. If you don’t know, elance is a services marketplace. Anyway, I searched on there for design providers. Guess what, 11,144 companies… Read More

I’m it.

Ok, per Rich’s post. Here goes: 1. I like lots of things, but nothing as much as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I run Norcal BJJ Academy and it consumes me. I had my first introduction by being soundly beaten by someone I outweighted by 50lbs over 9years ago. After that rather humiliating experience, I knew I had… Read More