Admit it, we’re all free agents!

Google recently launched Knol. It is essentially a Wikipedia where authors can build up a personal brand. In addition, they can even monetize pages they author via, surprise surprise, Google Ads. Personally, I think the concept is brilliant. It plays on everyone’s need to feel special and that can’t hurt participation. As I dove deeper… Read More

Great Customer Service

Ok, this post may not be what you expect from our blog, but I had to share two great examples of excellent customer service that I experienced recently.  It is my opinion that excellent service is ever important in this time of low switching costs and doing it right has approximately zero marginal cost. Example… Read More

Mix is Live

Today is a big day for Oracle and our team. We have been cranking pretty hard for the last 6 weeks to get here. Where are we you ask? We’ll, I like to think of it as camp. Y’know in those everest trips how the teams have to reach a series of camps before their… Read More

Why 2.0 Didn’t Start in the Enterprise

As I was sitting down with the family enjoying some Baskin Robbins (Peanut Butter Chocolate rules!) last night I began to wonder why all this cool new “2.0” stuff didn’t originate in the existing companies providing software to enterprises? Since the new web is a lot about enabling people to share information, it seems likely… Read More

McAfee’s Own 9x Problem

As I sat this week at the Gartner conference, I had the opportunity to hear Andrew McAfee speak about Enterprise 2.0. One of the things I enjoyed hearing live was the 9x problem. He has written about it before, but the phenomenon is that we tend to overestimate the value of current solutions by 3x… Read More

Find Me at the Office 2.0 Conference

Next week is the Office 2.0 Conference made immortal by their offer of free iphones to all participants. The conference looks to have a good mix of participation and as luck would have it, I’ll be speaking on a panel covering Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration. That session is Friday afternoon, but you can see the entire… Read More

Oracle Open World Session Update

Looks like the illustrious events team has locked down session times. If you are interested in our sessions, they are both on Monday. Feel free to include them in your personalized agenda. Here are the details: Mon. Nov. 12 – 3:15-4:15pm S292186 Oracle and Web 2.0: Applying the Principles of Social Networks, Collaboration, and the… Read More

Our First Podcast

I was recently asked by Justin Kestlyn of OTN fame to participate in a techcast. It’s a short conversation around AppsLab, our charter and gives some insight into our projects and what we are all about. Take a listen if interested. -Paul

Oracle Gets Social

Here on the AppsLab team we have always been big believers in the power of people as a design point in applications. My personal background is in the portal space, and for years we preached people-centric. In those days, it meant a user had a configurable homepage with all the content they cared about in… Read More

Oracle, delivered…

Need your daily dose of Oracle? I ran across some cool RSS feeds to keep track of what’s going on. I personally read the Corporate News and the Application News. Of course you can always add our feed as well if you’re feeling lucky. If you have other cool Oracle feeds I haven’t seen, post… Read More