Cases2.0 and IdeaFactory

As many of you know, Rich built a cool site we have been using internally called IdeaFactory. Adoption internally has been astounding. We have tapped into a well of pent up expertise. It is proof that the 1:1 model of sharing (i.e. email your boss a good idea) just doesn’t work. There are many reasons… Read More

Is a bar chart really the best we can do?

I recently caught a demo of Hans Rosling’s software which provides a pretty amazing visualization framework for understanding relationships between data.  In this demo, Hans analyzes, by country,  infant mortality vs GNP over the course of about 100 years.   Like all great presentations, if forces you to re-think how you view something – in this… Read More

The Problem with Enteprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is Web 2.0 for companies. Some have called it “Consumerprise”, but whatever your term, you get the idea – applying successful concepts from the consumer web to companies. This type of thinking is the driving force behind any start-up that defines itself as “DIGG for the Enterprise” or similar. The more I see… Read More

McKinsey on 2.0

In a recent McKinsey study, most organizations (63%) are currently investing in Web Services. Interestingly enough, very few of these same companies (4%) saw Mashups as something they were investing in: