Managing your team in a 2.0 world

Our team spends quite a bit of time around plans, schedules and status. This is mainly a big company problem, but every organization I have worked in needs more rigor around their work. The typical lifecycle of project management is as follows: BIG BANG –> BEATINGS –> WHIMPERING DEATH Let me explain. Every project starts… Read More

Simple: It’s not about the UI

Having spent the last three days at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, I have seen a lot of companies. There are some great ideas and some rather foolish ones, but what has struck me is the power of simplicity. I am not talking about simplicity in the usual context of User Experience (UI).… Read More


As I mentioned, I was at the Under the Radar Conference a few weeks back. At that time, it became obvious that Twitter is a phenomenom. The real question is, why? Twitter is a simple app where you answer the question “what are you doing?”. It ends up being a log of your life tracked… Read More


I was reading Scobelizer today and saw a post on some recent threats made against a female blogger. It’s strange how something so wonderful like the Internet can be used in such terrible ways. I found it sad and dehumanizing. I certainly hope the individuals who are involved come to their senses and realize that… Read More

Under the Radar Conference Report

I spent a great day today at the Under the Radar Conference on Office 2.0. These events are organized to provide a bit of exposure, networking, and critical guidance to start-ups at a very early stage. Typically the companies presenting had angel funding or less, and a beta, (or less) to match. The format of… Read More

Welcome to AppsLab

It has become clear that the innovation being driven in the software marketplace, largely called Web 2.0, is undeniable. It not only causes a change in how people work, but obviously in how applications are built and used. Due to this reality, Oracle has formed a team to understand and drive innovation in Web 2.0… Read More