Collaboration with real ROI (finally)

The family and I decided last Friday that we all deserved cheeseburgers for dinner (ok, my 4 year old daughter decided, but let’s pretend I had some say in the matter. We decide on Chili’s and commence to enjoy a fantastic heaping helping of saturated fat and salt. On the bright side, the kids had milk. But I digress.

At the end of the meal, our waiter closes out our tab and he makes a point to show me a link on the receipt to an online survey. Now, I have seen these in the past and never paid much attention to them…until now.

Our waiter explained that if he receives good feedback it will help him not just look good, but it will actually make him more money. It seems that the Chili’s manager looks at all the feedback ratings weekly and awards the better shifts (think Friday and Saturday night people) to the top servers.

Finally collaboration with a goal and a pot of gold (albeit small), at the end of the rainbow.



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