Data Visualization Eye Candy

By way of Mashable, I give you another stunning and addictive data visualization, Tag Galaxy.

Based on the Flickr API, this Germany-based tool is simple to use. Start out by entering a tag, and you get a “galaxy” of related tags. Here’s the “oracle” galaxy:

Oracle galaxy

Clicking on any planet drills further into the galaxy, refining your tag browsing. Here’s the “oracle”+”building” galaxy:

Oracle + building galaxy

You can keep drilling or click on any of the planets to see the pictures with the tab combination shown. When you click a planet, the pictures from Flickr are rendered like so:

Planet build

Oracle planet

Very cool stuff and highly addictive. Using Tag Galaxy will fire up your CPU. The fan on my Macbook came on and stayed on while I browsed around the galaxies.

We love data visualizations here at the ‘Lab. Rendering data in a visually pleasing way isn’t new, but what is relatively new is providing an API for anyone to use, encouraging others to use your base data for beautiful visualizations. Digg, Flickr and Twitter all have awesome visualizations of their data because they have APIs developers can use to pull data.

One recent Twitter visualization that I neglected to call out is twistori, which provides a sweet way to check the emotional pulse of Twitter, if it’s not having a nap.

Do you have any cool visualizations to share? Sound off in comments.




  1. Sweet, it would be fun to build a twistori-like visualization for “oracle” on Twitter. I follow mentions of “oracle”, interesting stuff in a visualization.

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