Bummer 2.0

I have a few friends that were avid users of Ma.gnolia, which was a social bookmarking tool, similar to Delicious. I had an account there, but never really used the service much. I say similar to Delicious and use the past tense because Ma.gnolia’s database crashed on January 30. They recently announced that all user… Read More

Facebook Hits the Mainstream

If you read here, you’re probably on the leading, if not bleeding, edge of the early adoption curve. Bit of a mixed metaphor, so let’s say early adopter scythe. Anyway, Facebook is old news. For about the last year or so, I’ve rarely logged into Facebook; I guess the sheep-throwing and incessant poking and super-poking… Read More

Want to Help Socialize OpenWorld?

OpenWorld is quickly approaching; it’s September 21-25, in case you don’t already know that. You’ll recall that last year, we used Twitter quite a lot to socialize, meetup and broadcast the sessions. We used Craig Cmehil‘s eventtrack side project to consolidate the tweets and other social clutter (videos, photos, etc.) into a single stream of… Read More

Garfield Minus Garfield = Win

I’ll be stepping away for a few days to reboot my sanity (fingers crossed). I’ll leave you with this sweet nugget. I added Garfield Minus Garfield to my Reader way back in January due to someone’s tweet. If you’re not familiar, here’s the about: Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from… Read More

We Heart Hackers

I love this type of story. About a week ago, I get an email from Noel Portugal, a guy who works at Oracle and likes to hack around with APEX, Web 2.0 stuff, technology in general. In one line that stuck out, Noel mentioned that he was recently “bitten” by the Web 2.0 bug and… Read More

Connect V2 is Live

I’m stoked to announce that we’ve opened our latest version of Connect, the internal community for employees, for beta testing. If you’re an employee, find me through email or otherwise, and I’ll get you the URL. We’ll be redirecting all traffic from the old version of Connect very soon, in case you’re not in a… Read More

Facebook is for Quitters

Digg pointed me to this gem today, Lack of Facebook Access Makes You Want to Quit? Grow up, Punks, penned by Ann All last week. I love the generation gap. It makes for the best (and worst) kinds of “teamism”, reminding me of a bit George Carlin does about nationalism. The crux is why do… Read More

Play Name the Platform

If you read here, you’ll know the ‘Lab’s history. If you don’t or you’re a new reader, here’s the quick skinny: In June, we launched IdeaFactory to collect ideas inside the firewall. In August, we added social networking to ideas inside the firewall and called it Connect. In November, we added groups and questions to… Read More

Twitter is Like the Weather

Warning: This post is about Twitter, so if you don’t care about Twitter, stop reading here. Proceed at your own risk of boredom. Last week, friends of the ‘Lab David Haimes and Michael Krigsman were exchanging some jabs over Twitter, about Twitter. Michael argues that Twitter’s frequent outages make it appear suspect if/when a business… Read More

Blogging Success and –deleted–

Ironically, as I wrote my FAQ post on starting a blog, ORACLENERD was blogging his termination. The reason, his blog. The coincidence is multi-fold: The ‘NERD underlines why enterprise people are generally wary of blogs–writing blogs, having blogs written about their company, having people who work at their company write blogs. The only reason I… Read More

I’m Ready for Preso 2.0

I spent Thursday and Friday attending WebVisions here in beautiful Portland at the Oregon Convention Center. I really enjoyed the event; it was a nice change of pace from the massive events I usually attend at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The content was just as good, but it had a more cozy feel. Very… Read More

U Can Has Beta Invites

Last week, I alluded to Twitter as a place to get and barter for invitations to beta services. It may surprise you to know that Twitter has been up and down more than normal lately. Well, turns out blogs are often a good place to get beta invites too. I have invitations to several services… Read More

What a Difference a Year Makes

This year is not last year. Last year, I spent hours talking Web 2.0 to teams in development. Collectively, we probably held 20 or so educational sessions and then a similar number of follow up roundtables to discuss ideas spawned by the first session. This year, I’ve been spending days collecting requirements of teams that… Read More

Stuff That Just Works

I’ve been so very busy lately, but not with bloggable activity. This week has been slow on Mix news; ENTP is putting the finishing touches on a big feature, and we did deploy a few bug fixes. I did finally catch up on feed reading from a month ago, and a post from friend of… Read More