Connect V2 is Live

I’m stoked to announce that we’ve opened our latest version of Connect, the internal community for employees, for beta testing.

If you’re an employee, find me through email or otherwise, and I’ll get you the URL. We’ll be redirecting all traffic from the old version of Connect very soon, in case you’re not in a hurry.

Big thanks to Rich and Anthony who totally pwned this project. Anthony’s import scripts successfully copied all the data between versions of Connect, and Rich has rocked out a sweet new UI, in blue hues that match several of our applications.

Highlights of this version include:

  • Upgraded data, including profiles, contacts, ideas, comments, kudos, all of it.
  • Groups
  • Questions
  • Product taxonomy

So, yeah, this is the Mix feature set applied to Connect. Turns out that’s harder than it sounds. We’ve felt from the beginning that groups would be the killer feature for internal teams. So, now let’s see.
Now that we’ve got our instances on the same codeline, ahem platform, we hope to accelerate development. I guess we’ll see about that too.

Irony update: Friend of the ‘Lab Andy C notes the irony of announcing Connect V2 here, since it’s a public blog. He’s right. Many of you know I already announced via Twitter first. Why? Two reasons really.

First, we don’t have an annoucement mechanism or a PR machine for our work, and that’s not really our style. We prefer viral. If you read here or follow me on Twitter, you’re interested enough to care. If you care, you’ll check it out, and if you like it, you’ll spread the word.

Second, since we’ve talked about Connect before, I like to keep people updated on what we’re doing. It helps to remind you all that I do more than just blog. Sometimes.




  1. A big “Way to go!” to you and your team. I'm on vacation next week, but look forward to checking out the beta when I return. Paul mentioned this at an internal meeting yesterday. “Groups” feature…nice!

  2. Thanks Gretchen and Steve. Bang on it a bit, let people know it's out there, use the groups feature for your collaboration, and report any issues you find. There's a group called “The Connect Group” that we're using for issues.

  3. Any chance you'd want to share codebase with a customer? I've knocked out PeopleConnect v1 and P&G and was working with our friends at BEA for a portal-based v2 when this whole acquisition thing went down.

    We totally get what a decent social net. can do for a smart enterprise (link and link). We did our first run in Drupal (yes ECM for ESN) and we're about to get v2.0 done in BEA 6.5. Would LOVE to see what you guys are doing for a feature set and where you want to take Oracle's Connect. Feel free to Tweet JoeSchueller if interested.

  4. I'm interested. We should have a chat with Paul on the phone too. Feel free to mail us at our oracle emails, first.last at oracle.

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