Oracle on Twitter

Even as we debate the ongoing utility of Twitter and other social tools, there are still ways to get good information from social sites. One easy way to cut through the noise is to use your personal network for recommendations. Assuming you consider this blog a trusted source, I have a couple recommendations for you.… Read More

DataMapper Oracle Adapter for Ruby

Raimonds (@rsim) recently posted his initial version of an Oracle adapter for DataMapper. DataMapper maps Ruby objects to relational database objects, so if you’re a Rails or JRuby developer, you can use Raimonds’ adapter to get into your Oracle databases. Raimonds previously created an Oracle adapter for ActiveRecord, another Ruby-relational database mapping tool that he… Read More

Join the ORACLENERD Family

Chet, the ORACLENERD, dropped me a note yesterday. He’s thinking about expanding his empire to include more Oracle content. His plan is to reach out to people in the Oracle blogging community who don’t post very frequently (ahem, John P.) to see if they’d like to join his Nerd Herd. Sounds like a good idea.… Read More

Everything is a Journey

The year I started with Oracle (1996) was the year the Network Computer (NC) was announced. The NC was about a decade ahead of its time due to a number of factors, and it’s funny to me that netbooks are the latest rage. The promise of netbooks is essentially the promise of the NC, i.e.… Read More

Vote for Sessions Launches

So, Tim mentioned last night that Oracle Mix had launched this year’s iteration of Suggest a Session. There are big changes from last year’s inaugural run. First off, it’s no longer called Suggest a Session, but rather Vote for Sessions. From the name, you can get an inkling of the biggest change, i.e. you won’t… Read More

OraTweet Ready for Flight

I mentioned a few weeks ago that OraTweet, Noel‘s mirco-blogging package built in APEX, would soon be released to the public after he made some tweaks to get it production-ready. Today, he unveiled it. You can download OraTweet here. It’s provided free of charge, as-is, and requires Oracle 10g or 11g and APEX 3.1.x or… Read More

Web Mission is Coming

As he did last year, Paul will be speaking during the Oracle portion of this year’s Web Mission, which runs March 28-April 3. What is Web Mission? Glad you asked, from the about: Web Mission is organized Bronwyn Kunhardt and James Lawn from the market intelligence company Polecat ( and by serial entrepreneur, Oli Barrett.… Read More

APEX in the Cloud

This post about running APEX in the cloud by Jason Straub came across OraNA last week. I’m surprised Chet didn’t pounce on it, being the APEX devotee that he is. Basically, you can now run APEX on Amazon EC2 for 60 cents. Oracle has recently been rolling out more offerings with AWS, including database and… Read More

Two More iPhone Apps

Another pair of iPhone apps came to my attention today, making it four for the week, and it just so happens one is brought to you by Oracle. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers Steven Chan put me on to this one, which looks like an iPhone app that surfaces a lot of the worklist notifications… Read More