COLLABORATE 09Wow, that’s a lot of shouting for one headline.

I’m not at COLLABORATE 09 this year, and right now, as Spring reminds those of us in Portland why it’s so lush and green in the Summer, I think I’d rather be in Orlando where it’s in the mid-80s and sunny. Then again, like most conferences, most of the time would be spent in window-less conference rooms and roaming a massive indoor space, not soaking in the rays.

Plus, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

Yes, those grapes, they are sour.

At any rate, Chet, the ORACLENERD, is among those in attendance. Aside from being a friend of the ‘Lab, why is this noteworthy?

Chet scored his free blogger credentials through an artful combination of Twitter and the philosophy that the worst thing that could happen is a “no”.

If you don’t feel like reading, he tweeted @COLLAB_09_OAUG asking for blogger creds, and voila, they said yes.

Lesson 1: Everyone and everything is on Twitter now. I mean it. Last year, we were greeted with blank looks when mentioning Twitter. Not so now. If you care, COLLAB_09_OAUG joined Twitter August 12, 2008. Yes, it’s a I-was-here-before-it-was-cool tool.

Lesson 2: Blogging can get you stuff. I don’t think COLLABORATE 08 had a blogger program, and I’m not sure they have an official one this year. However, it’s clear that bloggers matter, even if they’re credentialed as “media”.

So, if like Floyd and the rest of us, you didn’t make trip, you can follow Chet’s musings, ahem, coverage, on his blog or more balanced coverage on OraNA.

Chet, if you can get “collaborate 09” trending on Twitter, I will bow and kiss your had at OOW 09, assuming I get to go.

Oh, and apparently, Dan was acquired or something. Maybe we’ll let him muse here, if he wants.




  1. Not balanced? That's silliness. Oh wait. Nevermind.

    Had a discussion with the media rep today (after interviewing Mr. Wagner) and he said they had no idea what to do with me. No one had asked before. Without proper direction (or a cool badge with “media” on it), I can do just about whatever I want. 🙂

    I have tried to honor their gift though by blogging incessantly. I think #C09 is trending…no it isn't. Oh well, I'm trying. You might be careful about that promise (though I'll take one-to-many beers instead)…I'm going to talk to the Oracle PR people tomorrow.

    I keep trying to sell the “No” theory too. With an intro and then help from Dan, we may be able to convince the IOUG President to do something similar in the future. We certainly got him thinking about it.

    I've had an absolute blast though. At a minimum, I hope that comes across in my musings.

  2. Good luck w/trending. Bring it.

    Anyway, this is how you make it work. I'm excited (and happy) that you got there on their dime. This is how you help people do it right.

    I'm enjoying your coverage. It's like being there myself, except with more technical chops. Tell Dan hello for me, since he's not commenting 🙂

  3. I think Dan's letting me do all the work.

    Without being to cheesy about it, you did have something to do with it. Encouraging me to use twitter, the good word and mention now and again. I appreciate that. I am paying it forward…I'm becoming my own little twitter/linkedin/blogging/social media evangelist.

    The marketing guy for IOUG said I should present on it next year…I told him we had talked about it and I tried to steal your idea.

  4. I like cheese, especially with crackers and wine.

    You should present that topic and advise the IOUG on their outreach. It's always good to see organizations doin it rite (akshully).

    It's all the rage right now, and people want to know what's successful. Too bad you missed the deadline for OOW, although I have a feeling they will do suggest a session again on Mix. We could do a Digg storm on it 🙂

  5. I'm already contemplating again…perhaps it should be a dual presenter unconference (thanks Dan) session?

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