Two More iPhone Apps

Another pair of iPhone apps came to my attention today, making it four for the week, and it just so happens one is brought to you by Oracle.

Oracle Business Approvals for Managers
Steven Chan put me on to this one, which looks like an iPhone app that surfaces a lot of the worklist notifications EBS users (managers, in this case) typically see in email and in self-service.

Since I’m no longer a manager (by choice), I fear this app would be useless to me, but someone like Paul would find it totally useful, e.g. to approve my expense reports faster. From the release:

Oracle Business Approvals for Managers is a task-focused mobile solution that enables managers and executives to view and transact pending actions related to expenses, purchase requisitions, as well as HR vacancies and job offers, conveniently and securely on the iPhone.

And in case you were wondering, it’s free (as in beer) to users.

Google Mobile App
Not a new app, but an update to the existing (and pretty sweet) Google Mobile App surfaced today: speak and search.

I can’t seem to find this update on the App Store, but it looks great, assuming it’s reasonably accurate.

Check out the demo video and stay tuned for my review, or check it out yourself.

Update: The app didn’t make it to the App Store on Friday, as promised. It didn’t make it over the weekend either, causing speculation. Consensus seems to be that it will be out there sometime on Monday. We’ll see.



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