I Might Pay for JotNot

There are very few times when I read something and think to myself, I must blog this immediately and tell as many people as possible. This is one of those few times. JotNot is a web service that converts pictures into documents. Send a picture to them by email or upload one to their website… Read More

IPhone Apps for Units of Work

I found myself reading Floyd’s story about the Call a Cab iPhone app and nodding my head. That was embarrassing, like when you find yourself silently agreeing with a presenter like a bobblehead, except there was no one around to agree with my agreement with Floyd. Like I said, a bit embarrassing. Anyway, Floyd’s experience… Read More

Visual Dial Looks Sweet

Lately, I’ve got lots of thoughts about design swirling in my head, but while I collect them, here’s another homage to the iPhone crowd that likes to read here. Visual Dial is an iPhone app that “lets you create custom Home Screen speed dial icons right from your iPhone photo album with a few, simple… Read More

Amazon iPhone App is Sweet

Last week, I told you about SnapTell Explorer and mentioned that it would be a great app for collecting and pricing your holiday gift and wish lists. I also wondered why Amazon wasn’t doing this already. Today, Amazon released an iPhone app that included Amazon Remembers, a feature close to what SnapTell Explorer does. Use… Read More

More iPhone Apps

Here’s some more iPhone goodness, and a teaser to whet your appetite. Fake Calls Thanks to Floyd for this tip. I started out to review three fake call apps, but quickly realized there are a lot more than three. Eleven apps matched the keyword search “fake caller” in the App Store, and only one didn’t… Read More

Two More iPhone Apps

Another pair of iPhone apps came to my attention today, making it four for the week, and it just so happens one is brought to you by Oracle. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers Steven Chan put me on to this one, which looks like an iPhone app that surfaces a lot of the worklist notifications… Read More

I Am (Not) Rich

First off, everyone knows I’m not Rich. I wonder if Rich (and people who share his name) get this app for free or at least for a discount. I’ll back up; so by now, you’ve probably heard about the “I Am Rich” iPhone app that popped up briefly a couple days ago in the App… Read More