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Here’s some more iPhone goodness, and a teaser to whet your appetite.

Fake Calls
Thanks to Floyd for this tip. I started out to review three fake call apps, but quickly realized there are a lot more than three. Eleven apps matched the keyword search “fake caller” in the App Store, and only one didn’t fit the search.

So, if you ever felt the need to fake a phone call to get out of a personal interaction (conversation, meeting, date, movie, etc.), you have ten iPhone apps to choose from:

  • Fake-a-Call (free)
  • Fake Calls ($0.99)
  • Fake Caller Free
  • Fake Call ($0.99)
  • Fake Caller Premium ($0.99)
  • GottaDash ($0.99)
  • GottaGo ($0.99)
  • exitstrategy ($0.99)
  • HottrixPhone PRO ($2.99)
  • Phony ($1.99)

This is really funny to me; until today, I had never thought of this as an app, and I can’t even recall using a fake phone call excuse to get out of a situation.

But now my eyes are open, and from now on, I’ll be suspicious when someone with an iPhone gets a call and bails on a meeting or a conversation with me. The end of innocence I guess.

The question is do these fake call apps make the iPhone more “for business”?

Teaser: Rich has been tinkering with iPhone development. Stay tuned for more on what he’s doing.




  1. I like that one too. Bit of a sociological study that we have ten apps to avoid excusing oneself from a situation.

  2. I haven't paid for iPhone apps yet. I figure mine isn't fully amortized, and I'm still chafed about the early adopter tax I paid last year. Besides, I haven't really seen must-have app that costs yet, aside from I Am Rich 🙂

  3. Great Share.I have used Fake Caller Free in the past. I have also heard positive reviews about Exitstrategy , may i should try it soon.

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