DataMapper Oracle Adapter for Ruby

RailsRaimonds (@rsim) recently posted his initial version of an Oracle adapter for DataMapper.

DataMapper maps Ruby objects to relational database objects, so if you’re a Rails or JRuby developer, you can use Raimonds’ adapter to get into your Oracle databases.

Raimonds previously created an Oracle adapter for ActiveRecord, another Ruby-relational database mapping tool that he used to build some sweet Rails apps on top of Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Rich and I were blown away when he showed us his work at RailsConf in 2008. His unconference presentation at last year’s OpenWorld is a good place to start, if you’re interested.

So, if you want to create web apps in Rails or JRuby (our Ruby of choice for Connect and Mix) on top of Oracle database schemas, check out Raimonds’ adapters for DataMapper and ActiveRecord. Sounds like he’s switching to DataMapper, but he may continue to maintain the ActiveRecord adapter too, just ask him nicely 🙂

Maybe if he ever gets a free moment for blogging, Rich will post a more technical review of these adapters.

Thanks to Raimonds for scratching this itch for the Oracle community at large. Great work.




  1. Thanks for the plug 🙂

    I still use ActiveRecord as main ORM in our Ruby on Rails projects and will definitely maintain and develop further Oracle enhanced adapter. Mainly was interested in DataMapper to get some new ideas how to access databases from Ruby. And found there a lot of good ideas and hope that some ideas could be introduced in ActiveRecord as well.

    BTW it's sad that Sun's JRuby team is leaving Sun because of Oracle acquisition. Was hoping that they will help to promote Ruby inside Oracle. Now the AppsLab team will need to continue Ruby promotion without them 🙂

  2. Wow, hadn't heard they were leaving. That is sad. I hope Ruby will still get a bump, but that's definitely not going to help.

    Can you share some screenshots of your apps? I think people would be impressed with what you've done, and it would open their eyes to what's possible with Ruby apps on top of enterprise data models.

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