DataMapper Oracle Adapter for Ruby

Raimonds (@rsim) recently posted his initial version of an Oracle adapter for DataMapper. DataMapper maps Ruby objects to relational database objects, so if you’re a Rails or JRuby developer, you can use Raimonds’ adapter to get into your Oracle databases. Raimonds previously created an Oracle adapter for ActiveRecord, another Ruby-relational database mapping tool that he… Read More

What’s New in Connect 4.0?

As I mentioned last week, we’ve released the 4.0 version of Connect, which includes a boat-load of new stuff. Our main goals for this release were: Put the focus on people, not on objects. Make it dead simple to share anything. Aggregate information by supporting multiple sources. Provide intelligent filtering for easy viewing. Consolidate output… Read More

Mix Listed on Ruby on

Over the weekend, David Heinemeier Hansson, affectionately know as DHH, creator of Rails, made updates to One change was the addition of Oracle Mix to the list of production apps running Rails. Check out the list; you’ll probably recognize several of the apps there, and about the middle of the page, below the fold,… Read More

JRuby Meetup!

For those of you who are live in the Bay Area (East Bay in particular), I’ll be speaking at the East Bay Ruby Meetup next Tuesday.  Here’s the talk abstract: JRuby is fast becoming a solid (and possibly preferred choice) for deploying Rails apps. Rich Manalang from Oracle will talk about how he and a… Read More

Mix Gets a Plug at Google

Ola Bini of ThoughtWorks, who worked with Rich on the initial development of Mix last Fall, gave a tech talk at Google last week on “JRuby: The power of Java and Ruby“. He mentions Mix at about minute 61 and talks briefly about the project, built on the “red stack”, i.e. JRuby running on Oracle… Read More

Mix So Far

We just got site analytics installed on Mix. It would have been nice to see the traffic patterns the week of OpenWorld. Sometimes duh stuff like that takes longer than anticipated, but oh well. We’re about three weeks in, give or take a holiday, so I figured I’d check out the ideas and share some… Read More

Mix Rake Stats

Artem Vasiliev asked for the Mix rake stats… here they are: +———————-+——-+——-+———+———+—–+——-+ | Name                 | Lines |   LOC | Classes | Methods | M/C | LOC/M | +———————-+——-+——-+———+———+—–+——-+ | Controllers          |  1825 |  1504 |      22 |     145 |   6 |     8 | | Helpers              |   248 |   217 |       0 |      28 |   0… Read More