The Final Countdown

T-minus 7 days (August 26th)… until my final day at Oracle, that is. tl;dr; On January 6, 1997, I launched my career in enterprise software with PeopleSoft. I spent my early days traveling around the US, Canada, and Australia as a PeopleSoft consultant, implementing PeopleSoft HR/Benefits/Payroll. I even wrote some COBOL, however, you won’t find… Read More

Bookmarklet… meh

Getting tired of all the EVO/Android/iPhone love Jake’s been spewing lately? How about something a bit more dry and developery?  As promised in a prior post, here’s a more technical writeup of how I built the WebCenter sharing bookmarklet.  I was hesitant to write about this because it’s not like writing a bookmarklet is new… Read More

@anywhere @here

Fresh out of @twitter’s oven is @anywhere, one of the big features they announced recently.  The service is now live at  @jkuramot and I (@rmanalan) just implemented it on this blog.  To see it in action, hover over any of the @twitter names.

Sudoku anyone?

Just testing out a collaborative sudoku gadget from Google Wave. Update: you’ll only see this if you have a Google Wave account. 7 invites left. First 7 to comment gets an invite! Update: All my (Jake’s) invitations are gone, not sure where Rich is with his batch. Also, the Wave script seems to be borked.… Read More

Goodbye _why.

If you’ve had your hand in Ruby or Rails, you’ve probably heard of Why the Lucky Stiff (aka, _why), an online persona of a programmer who was one of the more influential Rubyists next to Yukihiro Matsumoto (creator of Ruby, aka, Matz) and David Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Rails, aka, DHH).  As of this afternoon,… Read More