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As much as I like dedicated Twitter clients, it seems wrong to me.  I would much prefer a better experience on twitter.com, but since that hasn’t happened and is likely not going to happen (at least in the near future), @anthonyslai and I decided to take things into our own hands and bring some much needed goodness to twitter.com.

@theappslabers are primarily Chrome users, with the exception of @ppedrazi… for some reason, he’s still a Firefox bunny.  So, for those of you who use Chrome and are Twitter users, check out Twome, our new Chrome extension for making Twitter better.  With this extension, you no longer need to click on the “more” button to fetch more tweets, instead, we’ll fetch them for you as you scroll down.  Another useful feature we “added” (through Pratham Kumar‘s work) is the ability to see Nested Twitter Replies which makes seeing conversations easier.

We’re also looking to add more features like short url expansion and inline display of images and video similar to how Brizzly does it.  If you’ve got some ideas for how to make it better, sound off below or fork the code.

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