Going rogue inside a big company

Going rogue inside a big company (a la Best Buy) – (37signals)

How can you apply Getting Real-ish ideas inside a big company? Here’s an idea: Go rogue. Pick something and do it under the radar. Create something in a few weeks that normally takes a few months. Do something in a way that works better than the status quo (or shows the promise of working better), Then you won’t need to convince anyone with words — the results will speak for themselves.

This is exactly how we accomplished building Mix and Connect at Oracle.  Think of how much can be improved if those with a passion to change something actually did it.

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  1. Why do you need a DBA to install APEX? Go grab Oracle XE, install it on your desktop and start from there. If its a laptop build something cool, release it to people and they'll get mad that its only online 9-5 the company will be forced to give you a desktop 😉

  2. Here's a little known fact… OraTweet runs on Noel's desktop!

    He is, however, in the process of moving it over to our server in the data center (as I type).

  3. Connect and Mix is something different and I really like them. Good job. Keep being rogue. I would like to see more interesting stuff like this.

    Be creative, innovative, just execute!:)

    BTW: if u guys by chance know a role who can be rogue, let me know:)

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