Vi Rules!

… and you know it.  I’m sure we have enough geeky readers here that know what I’m talking about.  For those that don’t (you suck) — Vi, simply put, is the best damn text editor ever created. A couple of weeks ago a poll was started on OraTweet regarding Vi vs. Emacs: How could there… Read More

CommunityOne 2008

Those of you looking to beat the Monday blues (this coming Monday) should come out to CommunityOne 2008 in San Francisco. I’ll be part of the Ruby panel that’s being chaired by Tim Bray. Should be a good event. Best part… IT’S FREE!!! The Ruby panel I’m on will be joined by Mark Driver, Gartner,… Read More

JRuby Meetup!

For those of you who are live in the Bay Area (East Bay in particular), I’ll be speaking at the East Bay Ruby Meetup next Tuesday.  Here’s the talk abstract: JRuby is fast becoming a solid (and possibly preferred choice) for deploying Rails apps. Rich Manalang from Oracle will talk about how he and a… Read More

PeopleSoft Tech Blog

This must have slipped our radar — Jeff Robbins and his crew of PeopleTools experts started a blog back in October last year.  However, looks like they need some traffic sent their way.  There are a few other PeopleSoft related blogs out there.  Here are some that pop into mind: Jim’s PeopleSoft Journal — Jim… Read More


I’m it — Floyd tagged me. So, here are my 8 things (for context on what this is, read this): January 6th marked my 11th year at Oracle (8 w/PeopleSoft and 3 w/Oracle). Seems like a long time to be in a company. The cool thing is that I’ve managed to wear many different hats… Read More