JRuby on Rails: Oracle SSO Integration

Laurent reminded me that I promised a write up of how we accomplished the Oracle SSO integration for Mix.  So, I’ve created an Oracle Wiki page that has details on how it works.  If you have any experience with Oracle SSO and Rails (or is working on a project that requires this), please add your tips and experience with this technique.

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  1. Good sir, I’d love to see that wiki page. The link seems dead though — could you provide an updated link?

  2. Yeah, the Oracle Wiki platform has changed since this post. I’ll have to do some digging to see if this page got migrated and if I can still share it. Will let you know here if I have any useful updates.

  3. I’m told the migration off the old platform to the new one was self-service. Sadly, we did not migrate our content, so this page is lost. I’ll see if I can find the content, but I’m doubtful.

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