Vi Rules!

… and you know it.  I’m sure we have enough geeky readers here that know what I’m talking about.  For those that don’t (you suck) — Vi, simply put, is the best damn text editor ever created.

A couple of weeks ago a poll was started on OraTweet regarding Vi vs. Emacs:

How could there even be a comparison?  After all…

And for those who think TextMate is the best thing that they’ve ever installed on their macs, I say, “Vi still rules and Textmate is still €39 ≈ $57 — more than free.”

This post is nothing but a good ole fashion flamebait.  As I type this, I realize that the only reason I’m posting this is because I got a little too excited when MacVim (a very cool Vim app on OS X) added support for a mvim:// URL handler — now you know what excites me.  Anyway, since we’re at it… Gnome vs. KDE, Bash vs. Tcsh (or your pick)… fight back in the comments.

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  1. Woohoo, flamebait for a Wednesday morning! 😉

    Nothing beats vi for quick editing (except maybe a perl one-liner in some cases). I haven't used emacs regularly in over 10 years, but when i've been forced to use it, I've found that I can still be in and out of a couple of files with vi in the time it takes emacs to *start*.

    I'll admit to being a happy Textmate user, though. I like interface for grouping files into projects, and the robust collection of built-in shortcuts/hotkeys, particularly if I have to resort to hand-coded HTML. Sure, it's “not-free”-ware, but it's a quality app, and I'm not against paying for quality. 🙂

  2. I actually like Textmate but hate that it's only on a Mac. I switch between linux and mac a lot and would prefer to have the same editor on both. Otherwise, I'd be a happy Textmate user myself.

  3. How about Coke vs. Pepsi?

    Not that I use either very much anymore, but when I did, I always liked vi more b/c I felt like a keyboard rockstar using it, like using SQL*Plus over TOAD. Emacs and pico were too user-friendly.

    Interesting thread though. I think the real reason tools like vi and CLI in general are preferred by most geeks is that they're inaccessible to n00bs. There's a flamebait post there.

  4. We both do, I guess. Vi comes pre-installed, but every time I log in to a new machine, and try to do something simple like edit my .profile, I yell loudly if emacs isn't there… so he has to install it for me 😉

  5. I will still occasionally jump into a linux SQL*Plus session and rant about I can get the job done before TOAD/SQL Navigator has even loaded (the reality is, since my hard drive was replaced a few months ago, I never installed them).

  6. There's a lot to be said for lightweight tools that are fast and just work. Vi can be a chore though, but one worth doing/learning

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