Adventures in Bad Design

I am a bit of a closet designer. No I don’t have the funky glasses, but I appreciate great design and get a good laugh at poor design. Sometimes I run across designs that I just don’t understand. Here are two of my recent gems:

The first is this novel coffee mug from Delmonico’s Steakhouse in Vegas. I wondered what was wrong with the current design…

This one is from a physical therapy office in Northern California. This switch is to move the massage table up and down. I don’t know which does which, but it’s funny to watch people figure it out.

If you have other designs to poke fun at, drop the links in comments…




  1. Took a bit, but what's up with that coffee cup? Were they all like that? Maybe they got a deal on an odd, misfit lot. Maybe they have a deal w/local dry cleaners for coffee stains?

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