The Obligatory Post #oow Post

I need to watch what I say when I’m with Jake, else I’ll be asked to blog… what a chore 🙂

Anyway, just a few thoughts from last week’s craziness known as #oow…

  • Congrats to Raimonds Simanovskis for winning the coveted Oracle Developer of the Year award.  Raimonds’ is known in the Ruby and Rails world for building and maintaining the Ruby Oracle adapters (oracle-enhanced, ruby-plsql, and the Oracle adapter for DataMapper).  I wish I had more time to contribute to Raimonds’ work.  Sounds like he’s got a few new projects planned… Ruby client for Coherence.
  • WebCenter sessions — I learned quite a bit about WebCenter this week.  I’m particularly excited about the REST based support that WebCenter will be offering with this month’s release.
  • It was great to meetup (in real life) with the folks I frequently twitter/im/email with… too many to list here.

I’m not sure how this came about, but Jake and I were discussing how CS students should be required (or highly motivated) to work on open source projects as part of their coursework in college.  Then I read Raimonds’ Oracle Magazine interview where he said:

“It would be good if there were more sharing,” says Simanovskis. “A lot of very good developers have created a lot of good components that could be reused, but too often they stay inside the corporate firewall.”

Too often, I work with developers who have no desire to share their work (even internally).  I believe having developers participate in open source communities before starting their careers would greatly help out commercial software vendors foster an openness that can promote innovation and creativity.

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