Oracle DB on Mac? Yes You Can.

Oracle 10g for OS X Intel ArrivesThis announcement slipped past me last week, but if you subscribe to OraNA, you probably saw it already.

Oracle 10g has come to OS X Intel, and you can has.

According to Justin: Database (Single Instance) Release for Apple MAC OS X on Intel x86-64 is now available for download on OTN.The physical media is to be dropped off to M&D next week.

This is a 64-bit release and provides a 32-bit client bundle as well for 32-bit customer applications. Also, available now are the 32-bit and 64-bit instant client downloads for

The database is supported on the latest MAC OSX release – MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.4.

Rejoice! Especially if you’re a Ruby developer, like Rich, Anthony or Raimonds, this is a happy thing. No more running a VM to interact with your Oracle DB. Raimonds has a handy cheatsheet on the installation process, which could save you some time.

So now, maybe the second highest vote-getting idea on Mix can finally be retired. Or maybe not, since this isn’t an XE announcement. And yeah, it’s not 11g.

Picky picky.




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  3. I don't expect to see 11g Rel 2 on OS X/Intel anytime soon, but I'd be pleased to be surprised about that.

    More optimistic about XE; I think the porting team is tired of hearing from me on that subject. But hey, let's get an 11g XE out there first!

  4. Heh, baby steps. This is a big deal, at least I think so. We'll see how it goes I guess. Curious to know the download metrics and feedback.

  5. It's good to see Oracle starts to support Mac OS X Intel platform. (Actually Oracle BPM Studio supports Mac OS X since version 6^^).

    Well I would say I don't feel it make too much sense to install Oracle DB 10gR2 on OS X. But it does for Mac OS X Server.

    Personally I prefer to install Oracle DB on Linux (RHEL/OEL or Debian/Ubuntu).

  6. Yeah, Oracle has run on the OS X PPC server for a while, I think, but this is the first Intel-supported DB.

    That's likely why they ported 10.2 first, rather than XE, just guessing.

    I think it makes plenty of sense to install 10g on OS X. Kind of a bias to assume a DB has to be installed on a “server” O/S. Plenty of startups out there are using OS X on laptops to start their services.

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