And More OpenWorld

Tuesday was a lighter schedule for me, but not without its drama. My geek-speak Unconference session, which continues to bounce around Indian blogs, was at 10 AM, and I arrived in the room 40 minutes in advance, JIC. Good thing because I had forgotten the Mini DVI-VGA adapter for my Macbook. For those who haven’t… Read More

OpenWorld Continues

As is typical for me, the Monday of OpenWorld was the busiest. Now that it’s over, I can relax a bit. Yesterday was an action-packed day, so let’s hit the highlights. Roll the tape. Our official session “Web 2.0 Technologies In the Enterprise: Lessons Learned, Tips, and Tricks from Oracle AppsLab” went pretty well. I’m… Read More

OpenWorld Begins

Rather than blog the events of an entire day, I’ve decided to dump my thoughts periodically. This is more effective for me anyway, since to remember anything lately, I feel like I need to forget something else. So, a memory dump will happen eventually, better (or worse, depending) to get it recorded before the inevitable… Read More

Essential Geek-Speak Session Rescheduled

To avoid overlapping with Larry’s keynote on Wednesday afternoon, as promised, I have rescheduled my Unconference session, “Are you insulting me? Essential geek-speak, FTW!” to Tuesday morning at 10 AM in Moscone West, 3rd floor, Overlook C. If you’re interested, check out the slides on SlideShare. If you make it, stop by and say hello.

Mix to the Rescue

On my way to PDX, I caught this tweet from the OCP Advisor (aka Mohan Dutt): Naturally intrigued, I clicked through on the link to find an “idea” from Debra Lilley called simply: Get me out of this lift, please , stuck in lift #11 at the Marriott Eagle-eyed users of Mix, namely John Bedford,… Read More

Geek-Speak Observations

By this time tomorrow, I’ll be winging my way to the Bay Area for OpenWorld. One of the first things I need to do tomorrow is race to the Unconference onsite signups in Moscone West and move my Essential Geek-Speak session to a better time, like say one that doesn’t overlap with Larry’s keynote. You… Read More

AppsLab Hackathon

So, yet another last-minute OpenWorld announcement, but that’s how we roll. We’re going to host an informal hackathon at the OTN Lounge during the conference. The OTN Lounge will be in Moscone West, Third Floor, coincidentally right near the Unconference sessions, which should work out well. So, we’re calling it informal because Rich, Anthony and… Read More

Oracle Listens Launches

Justin teased this earlier in the month, and today, Oracle Listens took over I’m glad they overcame the hiccups that initially postponed its launch, and I’m nervously waiting for a flood of email to hit our support distribution list. If you read here, you’ll remember that we’ve shifted our focus to Connect, our internal… Read More

Help Me Plan My Week

Inspired by Eddie, who blogged his schedule for next week, and others, I decided to wade into the OpenWorld show guide to set up my week. I had planned to use the Schedule Builder, but I guess that’s not for employees. So, I started combing the Content Catalog and soon got a headache trying to… Read More

Jumping into the Unconference

The Unconference at OpenWorld continues to fill up; Tuesdays advance slot are all full, and Wednesday is quickly filling up too. I noticed Raimonds added a session last week called “Using Ruby on Rails with legacy Oracle databases” on Thursday at 10 AM. If you’re still at the conference on Thursday, I highly recommend checking… Read More

More Connect Mockups

Rich has finished a few more mockups of the changes we’re making to support OpenSocial. Since our last episode, he’s finished the Profile page. Take a look. One thing (other than location data, which will return soon, promise) people have been missing since we upgraded Connect to the Mix JRuby code line is status. More… Read More

Mix Updates and New Features

Recently, even though we’ve been focusing on Connect and OpenSocial, but Mix hasn’t been standing still. ENTP has been working to fix bugs and build features for Marketing that will be showcased heading into OpenWorld. Last night, a slew of bug fixes and a new feature or two were deployed to Mix. If you’re a… Read More

Voting Lessons Learned

Now that the suggest a session for OpenWorld campaign has ended, it’s time to reflect on what we learned. First off, thanks to everyone who submitted a session idea. There were 281 submitted before the deadline, and someone even figured out how to create a session after we closed the nomination form. Bonus points for… Read More

Big Changes are Afoot

I spent the day today with my AppsLab brethren sequestered like a jury in the Thunderball conference room in sunny Pleasanton, CA. Or maybe it’s Dublin. Anyway, Paul called us all together to hunker down on some design work. Well, some new design and some redesign. If you’re interested in the future of the Connect… Read More