Mix to the Rescue

On my way to PDX, I caught this tweet from the OCP Advisor (aka Mohan Dutt):

Naturally intrigued, I clicked through on the link to find an “idea” from Debra Lilley called simply:

Get me out of this lift, please , stuck in lift #11 at the Marriott

Eagle-eyed users of Mix, namely John Bedford, an Oracle employee, summoned the authorities, and Debra and company were rescued after about an hour and a half in captivity.

A few things here. First, as has been stated many times in the past, Web 2.0 is useful for real world/real time emergencies, and this is an example, albeit on a smaller scale, affecting fewer people.

Second, it’s hard to avoid the chuckles when during a campaign called Oracle Listens, not only does the company listen, but it also calls the authorities to rescue you out of the elevator.

Anyway, I’m glad Debra and her elevator pals are all safe and sound, and I’m happy that Mix could help expedite their rescue. I wonder if she had time to think of any groundbreaking ideas for Oracle during her time in the elevator.

If this is any indication, it’ll be a fun week.

Now, onward into the breach that is OpenWorld. I’m blogging from the OTN Lounge on the third floor of Moscone West, where I’m hoping to cool my heals most of the week. It’s Sunday, and parts of the conference are still being constructed. Still, there are a lot of people here already, milling around, attending sessions; it’s going to be a long week.

One last programming update, it looks like my geek-speak session will be moved to Tuesday morning.

Stay tuned for more.




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