Vote for Sessions Launches

So, Tim mentioned last night that Oracle Mix had launched this year’s iteration of Suggest a Session. There are big changes from last year’s inaugural run. First off, it’s no longer called Suggest a Session, but rather Vote for Sessions. From the name, you can get an inkling of the biggest change, i.e. you won’t… Read More

What’s New in Connect 4.0?

As I mentioned last week, we’ve released the 4.0 version of Connect, which includes a boat-load of new stuff. Our main goals for this release were: Put the focus on people, not on objects. Make it dead simple to share anything. Aggregate information by supporting multiple sources. Provide intelligent filtering for easy viewing. Consolidate output… Read More

What is it about Kudos?

Last week, Paul spoke on a webinar panel hosted by Communitelligence about social networking inside the firewall. Also on the panel were Lee Aase of the Mayo Clinic and Polly Pearson from EMC. I didn’t attend the webinar, but Paul mentioned that Kudos was well-received. We did a follow-up meeting with some folks from EMC,… Read More

Social Search Wins

When you start talking to an enterprise crowd about social networking, inevitably someone asks for real business benefits, a.k.a. ROI. I know, hard to believe. When we first started the ‘Lab, Paul used to ask how many people have a Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn account. Usually less than half the room would raise hands, and that number went… Read More

We’re in a Book

I just found out this morning from a new friend of the ‘Lab, Emanuele, that our work has been mentioned in print. W00t! Specifically, Niall Cook mentions the IdeaFactory and Mix, in his book, Enterprise 2.0: How Social Software Will Change the Future of Work. Rich is mentioned by name, and his post on building… Read More

Embedding in Mix

I promise not to cross-post every single Mix blog post, only the ones that I think you’d like. If you use Mix and want to keep up with where it’s going, you really should add the Mix blog to your feed reader if you haven’t already. Or if you’re not into RSS or don’t know… Read More

Mix Adds Account Merge

Just saw a post from Tim over at the Mix blog, and it looks like they’ve rolled out some new stuff to Mix. Nothing terribly noteworthy, except for the long-anticipated ability to merge accounts. In the past, we had several requests to merge the accounts of people who had left jobs and wanted to bring… Read More

Mix Listed on Ruby on

Over the weekend, David Heinemeier Hansson, affectionately know as DHH, creator of Rails, made updates to One change was the addition of Oracle Mix to the list of production apps running Rails. Check out the list; you’ll probably recognize several of the apps there, and about the middle of the page, below the fold,… Read More

Mix: Year One

Mix is one year old today. Seems like it’s been around forever, at least to me, but you’ll recall we launched it to very little fanfare at the beginning of OpenWorld 2007. Mix didn’t really get much promotion at all until Marketing decided to solicit session ideas from the community for OpenWorld 2008 back in… Read More

Mix to the Rescue

On my way to PDX, I caught this tweet from the OCP Advisor (aka Mohan Dutt): Naturally intrigued, I clicked through on the link to find an “idea” from Debra Lilley called simply: Get me out of this lift, please , stuck in lift #11 at the Marriott Eagle-eyed users of Mix, namely John Bedford,… Read More

Oracle Listens Launches

Justin teased this earlier in the month, and today, Oracle Listens took over I’m glad they overcame the hiccups that initially postponed its launch, and I’m nervously waiting for a flood of email to hit our support distribution list. If you read here, you’ll remember that we’ve shifted our focus to Connect, our internal… Read More

Separated at Birth?

While answering comments today, a separated at birth popped into my head for Google Chrome, the HAL 9000. The Chrome logo is also very reminiscent of eyes the CG Transformers have in last year’s live-action movie. I don’t recall that Skynet had a logo, but I’m sure it would be the type of shiny eye… Read More

Mix Gets a Makeover

If you use Mix, you probably noticed something new today. Lost weight? Tan? Haircut? Yes to all of the above, applied to a web app. Mix got a branding makeover last night, among other things, to reflect more closely its siblings in the * family. You may have noticed less chatter on this channel about… Read More

More Connect Mockups

Rich has finished a few more mockups of the changes we’re making to support OpenSocial. Since our last episode, he’s finished the Profile page. Take a look. One thing (other than location data, which will return soon, promise) people have been missing since we upgraded Connect to the Mix JRuby code line is status. More… Read More