Mix Adds Account Merge

MixJust saw a post from Tim over at the Mix blog, and it looks like they’ve rolled out some new stuff to Mix.

Nothing terribly noteworthy, except for the long-anticipated ability to merge accounts. In the past, we had several requests to merge the accounts of people who had left jobs and wanted to bring their Mix profiles and networks with them. A very reasonable request, just one Mix couldn’t support at the time.

A common case was ex- and brand-new Oracle people. Oracle employees log in to oracle.com sites using their corporate SSO credentials, and there were cases of a Mix user joining Oracle with a pre-existing profile (e.g. Matt Topper) and of a person leaving Oracle with a profile that was no longer accessible (e.g. Paul Gallagher).

So, now I guess the Mix team can merge accounts; from the post, it sounds like you’ll need to send them a request via the feedback form. They’ll probably need to verify that you own all the profiles to be merged before they do the backend voodoo. The end result will be much better data portability for your Mix content.

Anyway, good on ya Mix team for getting this done. Keep the features coming.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t plan to cross-post every single bit of news about Mix, just the stuff I think will interest you. Of course, you could just subscribe to their blog.




  1. Yeah, it's a pain point for sure. I'm not familiar with the details of how they're doing it, but it's been a long time coming. Thanks for hanging in there.

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