It’s That Time of Year

To usher out 2007, it’s time to do the retrospective. Cue the music. Looking back on this past year elicits “wow” moments for me. This time last year, I worked in a different team, Fusion Financials Strategy; I was neck-deep in the requirements for Secure Enterprise Search integration into Apps. I lived in a different… Read More

New Web, New World

In the past, I’ve blogged about Twitter exchanges I’ve had with Craig Cmehil who works over at SAP. Yesterday, he, Ethan Jewett, who is an SAP BI consultant at an SAP and Oracle partner, and I had an interesting discussion about how to drive new web innovation internally. That conversation begot my post and one… Read More

Mix So Far

We just got site analytics installed on Mix. It would have been nice to see the traffic patterns the week of OpenWorld. Sometimes duh stuff like that takes longer than anticipated, but oh well. We’re about three weeks in, give or take a holiday, so I figured I’d check out the ideas and share some… Read More

Hug a Developer

First off, sorry for sending spam and bacn, the other inbox meat, all over the place. I’m trying to build a community here, so mind the dust. Remember Puneet from Life in the Bullpen? His comment on an idea of mine got me thinking of another reason why you should use Mix. The network humanizes… Read More

Mix Rake Stats

Artem Vasiliev asked for the Mix rake stats… here they are: +———————-+——-+——-+———+———+—–+——-+ | Name                 | Lines |   LOC | Classes | Methods | M/C | LOC/M | +———————-+——-+——-+———+———+—–+——-+ | Controllers          |  1825 |  1504 |      22 |     145 |   6 |     8 | | Helpers              |   248 |   217 |       0 |      28 |   0… Read More

Mix is for Everyone

Paul announced our new community, Oracle Mix, during OpenWorld. Rich blogged about the experience he and ThoughtWorks had building Mix in 4-ish weeks. Depending on whom you ask, Mix took anywhere from 6-3 weeks to execute, so it was a classic agile project. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know already, Mix is built in… Read More

Mix is Live

Today is a big day for Oracle and our team. We have been cranking pretty hard for the last 6 weeks to get here. Where are we you ask? We’ll, I like to think of it as camp. Y’know in those everest trips how the teams have to reach a series of camps before their… Read More