Mix Updates and New Features

Recently, even though we’ve been focusing on Connect and OpenSocial, but Mix hasn’t been standing still. ENTP has been working to fix bugs and build features for Marketing that will be showcased heading into OpenWorld. Last night, a slew of bug fixes and a new feature or two were deployed to Mix. If you’re a… Read More

Voting Lessons Learned

Now that the suggest a session for OpenWorld campaign has ended, it’s time to reflect on what we learned. First off, thanks to everyone who submitted a session idea. There were 281 submitted before the deadline, and someone even figured out how to create a session after we closed the nomination form. Bonus points for… Read More

Big Changes are Afoot

I spent the day today with my AppsLab brethren sequestered like a jury in the Thunderball conference room in sunny Pleasanton, CA. Or maybe it’s Dublin. Anyway, Paul called us all together to hunker down on some design work. Well, some new design and some redesign. If you’re interested in the future of the Connect… Read More

Hurry up and Vote!

Voting for suggested sessions for OpenWorld in September ends today over on Mix. I can’t tell you exactly what time it will end. Being Sunday and all, Rich is probably busy having a weekend, but it will end today. If you haven’t voted yet, head over and browse the list of sessions. Participation has been… Read More

Groups are Grrrreat

Connect has been live for several weeks now. We spent only a few days running it concurrently with original Connect, and then Rich slapped redirects in place for the old URLs. It didn’t make much sense to maintain two instances Traffic, which had dwindled significantly has ramped back up to between 13-15,000 pageviews each week.… Read More

Even More Fun with Numbers

Enterprise 2.0 2008 is going on now in Boston, and Oracle is a Diamond level sponsor. So, there are loads of Oracle people attending. I got a request for Mix metrics on Friday for someone’s session today, so I spent several hours yesterday hacking together SQL queries. Protip: when you scope your next web app,… Read More

Play Name the Platform

If you read here, you’ll know the ‘Lab’s history. If you don’t or you’re a new reader, here’s the quick skinny: In June, we launched IdeaFactory to collect ideas inside the firewall. In August, we added social networking to ideas inside the firewall and called it Connect. In November, we added groups and questions to… Read More

Topper’s Voting Widget

Matt has provided the community with a sweet widget to track all the sessions that have been suggested for OpenWorld. Since we deployed the session suggestion feature in early May, we’ve had 129 suggestions. You can view the full list on Mix, Latest and Greatest. One reason Matt built the widget, which pulls the Latest… Read More

Mix Updates

Rich, ENTP and I spent last week fixing some issues in Mix that you may have seen. Suggest a session for OpenWorld has driven steady traffic into Mix, and we’re rushing to fix bugs that people have encountered. Virtually all of the recent fixes have been around suggest a session, which makes sense because that’… Read More

OpenWorld 2008 Registration Opens

W00t! Registration for Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is officially open. The massive conference is back in its Fall timeslot, September 21-25, 2008 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This year’s shindig will include large doses of Mix, as previously teased. We’re planning to deploy some new features built by our friends at ENTP later this… Read More