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Matt\'s OOW Sessions WidgetMatt has provided the community with a sweet widget to track all the sessions that have been suggested for OpenWorld.

Since we deployed the session suggestion feature in early May, we’ve had 129 suggestions. You can view the full list on Mix, Latest and Greatest. One reason Matt built the widget, which pulls the Latest RSS feed and assembles them in random order, is that the current Mix UI underserves the middle, i.e. any suggestion not recent and not great gets pushed off the front page.

ENTP is cranking on a UI that helps to filter ideas (and sessions) in a more targeted way, but that won’t be ready for at least a week. So, submit your ideas by June 13, cast your votes by June 24 and bounce over to Matt’s blog to download his widget.

You can also see the widget on Dan’s blog, in case you’re wondering about how it looks in red.

Also, the Latest RSS feed only serves 20 items, but I’ve asked Rich and Anthony to up that for Matt’s widget. There are a lot of good ideas out there, so vote early and often.




  1. Jake, do you have any comments on the selection process please? How many presentations will be picked, does Oracle have veto, what if there is no proposed presenter etc?



  2. Actually, I don't really know any details. The Events team is handling the process; we're just the conduit. Here's what I've heard: there are a bunch of spots allocated for the top X vote getters.

    I don't think veto power has been discussed, but it might be case-by-case. Sessions with no presenters may be a problem, so at least add thoughts on possible presenters to make it easier.

    I suspect there will be more communication from the Events team, possibly on the OpenWorld blog as the voting ends.

  3. Is MIX the only way to submit the topics ? Or the Mix will have certain slots blocked for top sessions ? If the later is true, do you know how else we can submit topics directly to ORacle ? in the past, there used to be a CALL for papers. I didn't see the request for this year yet. Did i miss something?

  4. Mix is the only way I know of to submit session topics right now. The call for 2008 sessions is probably long past. I'm not in Marketing, but I'll see if I can drum up an answer for you.

  5. Hi All, At this stage, we are closed to accepting any new content. The only way to suggest new content is through Oracle Mix. Right now all of our content is determined and up on the website in our Content Catalog. Mix is the only thing that will be added to existing content. Thanks for your question.

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