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Last night, as promised, Rich deployed some new stuff built by ENTP, right before they headed to a midnight Iron Man showing. On a side note, is he really a superhero?

The shiny new feature is Suggest a Session. If you have an idea for a session you’d like to attend or present, bounce over to Mix and add it by June 13. It helps to give as much detail as possible, including any speaker suggestions and agenda thoughts you have. Use this as the hook to get votes.

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The top vote-getters will be added to the conference agenda. I just hope the other sessions won’t judge them as “online winners”. Get in the game and vote for your favorites before June 24.

Rich and I seeded some sessions we’d like to present.

There are already a handful of sessions out there from friends of the ‘Lab Chris Heller of Grey Sparling Solutions and Jim Marion. What is it about those PeopleSoft guys?

Vote early and often.

We made a couple other changes of note. Questions now have a body, so you don’t have to cram your question into a 255 character field, which made for some interesting questions. Consider this idea implemented. If only Mix had an implemented ideas tab.

We also added a preview for the badges we deployed weeks ago. This was a bit of an Easter egg feature, since it wasn’t entirely finished. If you want to tell people you’re attending OpenWorld this year, bounce over to your profile page in Mix, scroll down to just below the My Network widget and you’ll find the badge code and preview. Copy the HTML and paste it into your blog or anywhere that supports script tags.

Jake\'s badge

Example of a place that does not support script tags, WordPress blog posts.

Enjoy the new features. If you want to keep up with all the announcments and OpenWorld pageantry make sure to join the OpenWorld group.




  1. Just a mere musing, but I wonder if the use of Mix as the vote tally mechanism will skew the voting a bit. The people who participate in Mix are more inclined toward social media, and may be more likely to vote for those types of topics. I suspect that if votes had to be submitted in XML format, a different set of sessions would be prioritized. 🙂

    Actually, this is a good idea, and we welcome the chance to participate (and I'm sure that Oracle welcomes the feedback also).

  2. @Marius: We can point to that FAQ, just let me know where to seed the link.

    @OE: You're just mad we don't push to FriendFeed 🙂 although we could using RSS. Luckily this isn't the only way to suggest a session. Besides, I think OOW could use more sessions on 2.0 and social stuff. Don't you?

  3. I'm divided. Personally I'm obviously in favor of 2.0/social sessions, but when I receive my paycheck from my employer, my attention is miraculously concentrated on database issues. I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas for the latter.

  4. @ontarioemperor

    I don't think the vote will be too skewed, I suspect most people on mix are like you and have an interest in 2.0 but have a primary focus in a different area (such as databse, Apps, etc). The whole 2.0 in the enterprise, I want to use 2.0 tools and concepts as a tool to help me do my job better, if a tool can't do that it will never last and it'll go the same way as all the dot com craziness that I still remember clearly, but based on some valuations, wall street might not.

  5. @OE: No need to worry, there will be plenty of database sessions 🙂 The promotion done for OOW is diversifying Mix quite a bit, so I think we should get a nice variety of suggestions. Participation is a hurdle though. I guess we'll see over the next few weeks.

    @David: Spot on, this year's OOW will have that flavor from attendees, e.g. where can we get advice, what's Oracle doing, etc.

  6. @OE: Never fear, Lewis C has already added some pure database topics for your voting pleasure. Whew.

  7. What is this “cloud computing” I have hearing about for a while now and is Oracle application development tools (forms, reports, apex, jdeveloper, etc) doing something with this? Seems like SOAP is “too thick and cumbersome” and cloud computing's REST protocol is more “lightweight, secure and easier to implement”. Sounds like client/server is coming back…well, maybe an “internet version” of client/server.

  8. @Dan: I can't speak to the development tools and their initiatives. Carl Backstrom ( or Tyler Muth ( might know about APEX.

    I suppose you could look at cloud computing as Intertubes client/server. The processing happens all on the cloud side and the install is only a browser.

    Cloud computing does allow you as a consumer to pay for exactly what you use, which makes it more affordable.

  9. @Dan @Jake We are investigating APEX as a cloud/hosted/SaaS solution. Take a look at this and we really want feedback of what people would like in that type of service offering.

    People are also using APEX currently in the amazon cloud environment and within companies , including Oracle , APEX is being used as a hosted development environment very successfully N number of workspaces plus N number of applications makes alot of sense to alot of people.

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