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Rich, ENTP and I spent last week fixing some issues in Mix that you may have seen. Suggest a session for OpenWorld has driven steady traffic into Mix, and we’re rushing to fix bugs that people have encountered.

Virtually all of the recent fixes have been around suggest a session, which makes sense because that’ where people are congregating. Here’s a list of fixes to issues that you may or may not have seen:

  • The comments count is now correct for session ideas and other ideas recently created. We fixed a regression that prevented the comments count from iterating.
  • The member count for private groups is correct. We also expanded the number of My Groups show from four to eight per page.
  • A few Oracle people were stuck in a loop after they signed in for the first time. That was a bummer, and now it’s fixed.
  • Another strange regression prevented people from adding products to their profiles. Fixed now.
  • We expanded the user cards, so full titles show in lists, like the People page or group member lists.
  • Comments on older ideas were getting out of chronological order, back in proper order now.
  • Posts to groups were failing silently. They aren’t failing at all now. There’s a unique constraint throwing an error for blogs posts, which will be fixed this week.
  • UI elements added for suggest a session looked pretty janky in IE6, surprise! We cleaned them up a bit.
  • Ideas needed a reindex; it was throwing Error 500.
  • And finally, Topper found a voting bug that allowed people to vote for ideas multiple times.

I saved that one for last in the interest of transparency. Eddie (jokingly) tweeted what some of you may (seriously) be thinking:

Eddie has lost faith :(

Maybe you noticed that Dan‘s session suggestions rocketed to the top of the Greatest tab. That was me voting early and often to replicate the bug. Sorry Dan.

Before you panic, rest assured we 1) fixed the bug and 2) reset the vote count.

I also caved into demands that voting be more transparent. You can now see the people who have voted for a session you suggested, or at the first ten as of now. There’s a bug preventing paging beyond the first ten voters. No worries, it’s fixed and waiting to be deployed.

So now you’ll know who your friends are and who they should be.

Anyway, sorry for any frustration caused around bugs. Courtenay (from ENTP) and Rich have been working crazy hours to get these bugs fixes and deployed.

As always, let us know if you find bugs or have enhancement suggestions.




  1. Yeah, it was sort of a let-down when my vote count got slashed back down to the “real” count. Oh well, I'm still a card-carrying Friend o' the 'lab, no hard feelings.

    I don't see the “see who voted” feature you mentioned. I know it's just for my own session. Where would I see the voter list?

  2. Well you can thank Matt for finding the bug, inflating your hopes and then dashing them. You'll notice the only sessions promoted in this post are yours 🙂

    The see who voted widget is below the fold under the “Got an idea?” red box. Let me know if you don't see it there.

  3. Apparently, I was sleeping or just overlooked that list of users thinking they were the new users registered or something. I see it now, thanks for the lead…sorry, I'll go back to sleep now.

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