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If you read here, you’ll know the ‘Lab’s history. If you don’t or you’re a new reader, here’s the quick skinny:

  • hello my name isIn June, we launched IdeaFactory to collect ideas inside the firewall.
  • In August, we added social networking to ideas inside the firewall and called it Connect.
  • In November, we added groups and questions to ideas and networking, rewrote it all in JRuby, called it Mix and released it to everyone.

We’ve been enhancing Mix since then, dabbling with OpenSocial-enabling the platform and planning new features. Connect hasn’t had any new features since September, and now, it’s finally time to relaunch it on the same codeline as Mix.

We’re merging onto the same platform so we can deploy new features to it easily and turn features on and off as necessary. So, Mix is an external instance of the platform. Connect is an internal version of the platform. I’ve spoken to a few teams internally who may want to launch a white-labeled version of the platform. The platform is the key, rather than its various instances, which makes it easier for us to meet the requirements of different teams.

The problem I have is explaining this to people, i.e. how Mix and Connect are different and why. Most of this goes away when they run on the same codeline, but because the platform has no name, it’s a bit difficult to articulate what it is.

Naming is hard, and frankly, I’m probably too close to the problem to have any good thoughts on names. So, in true Web 2.0 fashion, I want to crowdsource the name of the platform.

Keep in mind, this is only our pet name for the platform, i.e. there’s no official product and therefore, no official product name. I’m just collecting suggestions for what we can call the platform.

So, here are the rules: 1) Keep it clean natch, 2) Be creative, 3) Forget about Mix and Connect, since they’re already in use, I want to avoid confusion, 4) Expect only happiness and bragging rights as your reward, in other words, this game is for entertainment purposes only and no prizes will be awarded.

So, let your creative juices flow in comments.




  1. My two cents : Not very innovative or 'snazzy' as you say.

    DNA – Distributed Networking Apps Platform.
    AppStation – All aboard the network.
    WomB – The production platform.
    SocioPlat – Platform for people.

  2. The name doesn't have to be snazzy. I actually prefer direct, simple, descriptive, like we have with Mix and Connect. I also prefer real words, vs. made up ones or combo words.

    I've had the following suggestions through email:
    OCC – Oracle Connection & Collaboration…
    or just OC
    Oracle Connects
    OCU – Oracle Connects Us
    sage > very oracle – esque ; )
    Oracle Mixx
    Oracle Netz

    I have to pass on anything confusing, so Mixx (which is another site name anyway) and anything with Connect in it won't work.

    DNA has two votes now. I like Sage and Gel, but these need too much explanation.

    I'm leaning toward unify or unity.

    Keep the suggestions and comments coming.

  3. Mingle – a verb and synonym to Mix and Connect

    Fiesta, Picnic, Shindig – nouns that evoke places to meet and mingle, and the noun form might provide the proper contrast between instances and the platform.

  4. Funny, I like Mingle, but it's also the name of product that ThoughtWorks uses for product management. Definitely a good one though.

    Shindig is already used by the OpenSocial reference implementation project.

    Good ideas though, I like the noun vs. verb idea. Thanks.

  5. Out of curiosity – why not stick with either mix or connect? Both are great names for the concept.

    I think it's quite defensible and not confusing to call the platform 'Mix', and to describe 'Connect' as an internal deployment of Mix. Or vice-versa. 🙂

  6. Maybe, but I think each instance has been around enough to have its own karma, which creates confusion. I agree, both are good and descriptive. If I had it to do over, I would pick one or the other as the platform name.

    What would I call Mix then, if the platform were named Mix? I think it's better to go another route.

  7. I'm always a big fan of anagram naming, so I plugged “oracle mix connect” into the Internet Anagram Server and got “Exclaim Connector” which could become Exclaimr in standard web2.0 naming circles.

    I also enjoyed some of the others there such as “Ceramic Colon Next” or “Cancel Exotic Norm” take a look for yourself on some of the other ones:

  8. Dude, Ceramic Colon Next would great. We could use OCCN as the acronym. I actually like Connectr, building on your theme, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly.

  9. mesh – it could even be an acronym for Meet.Engage.Share or Meet.Engage.Socialize.Help

    others: engage, meld, blend
    fuse is good too

    or you go with the more corporate OCC or OMF (Oracle Mix Framework)

    connex came to mind, but sounds too close to “connects”, plus you indicated you didn't want combo words

    I can't believe ShinDig was taken. Along those lines, how 'bout HobNob?

  10. I like Mesh, but so does Microsoft.

    We might have to go corporate with OMF or the like.

    Yeah, Shindig is the name of the open source project managed by Apache that encompasses the reference implementation for OpenSocial.


  11. Well, technically it's not only for those things, but I like the way you're going. How about 'Eureka'? Neither one would be clear enough I'm afraid. We might just have to go bland with social platform or something.

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