Congratulations to the OpenWorld Session Winners

It’s finally official.

The winning sessions have been announced over at the OpenWorld blog. Congrats to the winners. The

Events team selected the top 25 vote-getters, and Lisa Stuart has already begun notifying the submitters via Mix.

Here are the winners ordered by number of votes. I’ve included links to the bloggers I know.

  1. Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) by Raj Mattamal
  2. BEA Aqualogic Versus Oracle Fusion Middleware Shootout by Lonneke Dikmans
  3. Implement Pro Card Functionality for Immediate ROI by Don Wynn
  4. Visual Dashboard Design by Steve Stein
  5. How to Hack an Oracle Application Express Application by Anton Nielsen
  6. Successfully Developing and Integrating Applications in Oracle APEX Within Oracle E-Business Suite Haseeb M
  7. Indexing Secrets with Richard Foote by (surprise!) Richard Foote (blog)
  8. How to Look Like a Star DBA: Shell Scripting Tips and Techniques for Junior DBAs by Sreekanth Chintala
  9. The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the Right Choice! by Nathalie Roman
  10. Do You Have the S.W.A.T. to Get Your Highest ROI (On Your Next Upgrade)? by Christina Caporale
  11. Use These Simple Tips to Quickly Find Answers to Your Oracle-Related Questions and Keep Your Oracle Skills Up-to-Date by Eddie Awad (blog)
  12. (Re)Developing a Logistic Application in Oracle APEX in the Real World by Roel Hartman
  13. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Time And Labor—Getting it Right the Second Time at a School District by Andrew Beck
  14. Real-World Best Practices for DBAs by Arup Nanda
  15. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Treasury—ROI Through Automation and Improved Cash Management by Jeannine Berman
  16. Oracle APEX Team Development: Best Practices, Collaboration, and Application Deployment by Priya Lapham
  17. How to Effectively Use Web 2.0 Technologies Within a Portal by Howard Block
  18. Rapid Development and Validation of Oracle APEX Applications at an FDA-Regulated Medical Device Company by Deb Groskreutz
  19. So, You Want to Be an Oracle ACE? by Dan Norris (blog)
  20. Back to Basics: Simple Database Web Services Without an Application Server by Chris Muir (blog)
  21. Using Oracle APEX to Analyze Your PL/SQL Source Code by Flavio Casetta
  22. Oracle Portal, Oracle WebCenter, and Stellent —Which One Should You Use? by Eric Marcoux (blog)
  23. Undocumented Oracle DBA Utilities: Black Magic for the Oracle Expert! by Ben Prusinski
  24. Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)—Custom Versus Prepackaged by Adam Getz
  25. Oracle Database 11g: New Features for DBAs by Arup Nanda

Head over to Mix and comment on these sessions, connect to the submitters, tell them you’re attending and maybe you can help shape the content before OpenWorld.

If you are one of the lucky winners, feel free to sound off in comments if you want to encourage us to attend.




  1. Thanks, Jake. And congratulations to the other selected sessions as well. I know there are some great sessions that didn't make the cut, so I hope that those sessions will appear in the Unconference in some form (…).

    As for me, I'm wide open for suggestions on how the session will be organized. As my session isn't product-focused, I'm not sure how it will appear in terms of the tracks and focus areas, but I'll figure that out. If anyone has suggestions (specific or otherwise) that will help determine how the ACE session is created, I'm all ears. Comment here or on my blog entry (…) or on the session entry on Mix (…).

  2. You should call your session, “If I could be like Dan.”

    “Sometimes I dream, that he is me.”

    I like the idea of rolling the other sessions into the Unconference. I think OOW might not be quite ready for a blank grid of timeslots, so pre-populating some of the sessions would be a good idea. Maybe open the Unconference schedule early.

    Justin/Marius: You guys listening?

  3. I agree–there may be a little technology needed to support the Unconf scheduling. I betcha there an application developer-minded person or two that could whip something together pretty quickly for that. Doesn't necessarily need to be on even I suppose…where are those quick APEX dudes at when you need 'em?

  4. Good idea, maybe Carl will chime in with a whizzy APEX app to manage the Unconference schedule. APEX was pretty popular in the top 25 and overall, so maybe someone in the community will do it.

  5. I was actually looking at this stuff for something else, but Pentabarf ( seems to deal with most of the functionality needed. Though one would debate that putting a schedule together would defeat the unconference idea. I do like the Jabber support in Pentabarf to remind where where I'm supposed to be and when.

    It's written in rails using PL/pgSQL so I'm sure it wouldn't be too tough to get running on XE. Maybe something for my free time.

  6. Yes, it defeats the unconference purpose, but I think the 1) blank grid can be a little daunting to first-time presenters and 2) first-time attendees see a blank grid and wonder why they should care about the unconference at all, or what it is.

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