Oracle Listens Launches

Justin teased this earlier in the month, and today, Oracle Listens took over

I’m glad they overcame the hiccups that initially postponed its launch, and I’m nervously waiting for a flood of email to hit our support distribution list.

If you read here, you’ll remember that we’ve shifted our focus to Connect, our internal social platform skunkworks, and Marketing has been gradually taking over Mix. You’ve probably also noticed the prominance of Mix in the run-up to OpenWorld, culimating with Oracle Listens, which uses Mix as its basis.

Mix has been a hit, and Marketing has taken it to the next level. Membership soared during the suggest a session campaign, and it has continued to rise as OpenWorld looms. The last time I checked, Mix was closing in on 40,000 members, surpassing Paul’s guess back in May.

Ideally, people will use Mix to stay in touch with people they meet at OpenWorld and to collaborate between Oracle IRL events. This is its primary purpose, to join the at large Oracle community.

Oracle Listens uses Mix to: a) collect feedback and b) ensure it’s addressed. If you’re familiar with Mix, you probably already know it collects feedback really well, so it’s the second point that matters. To that point, Marketing has lined up executives to answer feedback through Mix.

So, not only will they listen, but they’ll respond.

As Justin mentions, Oracle Listens is the brainchild of the Marketing Leaders Summit held back in January, and Marketing deserves the credit for turning whiteboard fodder into reality.

A few people, including Charlene Li and Vinnie, were pre-briefed about Oracle Listens during Office 2.0 earlier this month, if you want to read balanced coverage. I’m sure this campaign will draw more feedback, since it’s pretty hard to avoid noticing it.

Kudos to Marius, Tim, Justin, Judy Sim, Karen Tillman and many others in Marketing for making this happen. Oh, and to ENTP for rocking out the code.

Find the comments if you want.




  1. I just spent some time looking through the last four hours of ideas that have popped up in Mix, and I see that Justin, Marius, Eddie Awad, and others are doing the same. I encourage other Mix account holders to go through the ideas and offer comments. There are a lot of things flowing in right now, and Oracle's grand experiment will only succeed if these ideas are reviewed and, when warranted, implemented.

  2. OE and David:

    Thanks for adding your thoughts. You're right, comments from the community (as well as Oracle people) will definitely help.

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