We’re in a Book

I just found out this morning from a new friend of the ‘Lab, Emanuele, that our work has been mentioned in print.

Niall Cook's book on E 2.0


Specifically, Niall Cook mentions the IdeaFactory and Mix, in his book, Enterprise 2.0: How Social Software Will Change the Future of Work. Rich is mentioned by name, and his post on building the IdeaFactory is quoted.

So, happy Friday the 13th for us. Niall’s book is out of stock on Amazon, but I’m hoping to get an alternate supplier from him.

The book came out before a lot of the recent cool stuff like OraTweet, our latest release (with OraTweet integration), Clayton’s iPhone app. I guess Niall will have lots of fodder for another edition 🙂

Don’t forget, today is also the day epoch time hits 1234567890, in a few hours actually. Big day.




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